$2.7 Million for Peer-to-Peer Travel Booking Platform TRVL to Turn Travelers into Travel Agents

Founder of Apple-acquired company raised $2.7m. TRVL is turning people into travel agents the way Airbnb is turning people into hosts and Uber is turning people into drivers

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS, June 01, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — TRVL is the brainchild of Jochem Wijnands, who sold his previous company Prss to Apple in 2014, where it became Apple News. TRVL has been in beta testing over the last year and has opened to the public in May. For the first time, anyone can act as an amateur travel agent and earn a commission of up to 10% on every booking, for themselves or for others.

Wijnands: “Today, when you’re researching and planning a trip for yourself or the people you travel with, you’re essentially doing the work of a travel agent. But you don’t get rewarded for it.”
Wijnands: “TRVL is tapping into the unmatched experience and passion of thousands of travelers worldwide. By open sourcing travel we’re introducing a service level to online travel bookings that is missing today.”

Wijnands: “Think of TRVL as TripAdvisor with an earning model, where you can get travel advice, on demand. We believe TRVL will change the way millions of people will book their trips online.”

Dropbox folder of TRVL’s Press material

TRVL’s COO is Arthur Hoffman, an industry veteran who set up businesses for Expedia in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and India.

TRVL raised a total of 2.5 million euro (2.7 million dollar) from the angel investors that funded Prss before it was acquired by Apple. The money is used to develop the product, to build the core team and deliver proof of concept. TRVL is headquartered in Amsterdam and employs 12 people.

TRVL’s mission is to make travel better by empowering travelers

Signing up as a TRVL Agent is free, and it only takes seconds. TRVL Agents can:

  1. Book trips for themselves and the people they’re traveling with
  2. Recommend, and share trips with others
  3. Run their own customizable travel booking website

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