5 Things to Look At While Buying Darjeeling Tea Online

5 Things to Look At While Buying Darjeeling Tea Online
By Sneha Birla

Darjeeling tea is the type of tea that is indigenous to Darjeeling, the hilly city in West Bengal, India. Darjeeling is popular across the globe for its exotic beverage that is grown on the hill slopes with a lot of care, precision and tasting after processing. Buying the tea online can save you a lot of money, especially if you intend to open up your own tea business and want to buy tea in bulk from wholesalers. You need to keep a few things in consideration in order to get the best value for your investment. Find out about the 5 things to look for while buying Darjeeling tea online from manufactures and wholesalers.


First of all, you need to look at the authenticity of the wholesale supplier. When you are buying from an online seller, make sure that you are taken for a ride by some scam seller. Go through the seller’s website and check reviews on the manufacturer, to get proper information. Check the background of the seller and his site on 3rd party product and service review websites and know whether it is reliable to buy from. If you find the content, images, product gallery etc to be sub-par in a store, move on from it.


You should next check the cost or pricing offered by the seller. There are plenty of wholesale suppliers on the web, and you can find the costs differing from each other. If you wish to have the best deal, verify the cost of a specific form of the tea with a number of other online suppliers. When you buy a wholesale rate, you can get the highest quality Darjeeling tea blends within a pocket-friendly cost.


Make sure that there are sufficient varieties of the blend available with the supplier. Wholesale tea suppliers who are manufacturers of the beverage as well are capable of providing tea buyers with more variety in the range of products. Various consumers love various types of tea. If you like more than one variety, you should ensure the same with your supplier.


If you are buying various forms of tea in bulk amounts from any wholesale supplier, you should consume each type in sufficient amounts to check whether the flavor and quality are good enough for your tastes. If you are satisfied, you can buy those specific tea varieties in bulk. This will ensure that you have beverages from the best Darjeeling tea brand in your kitty.

Mode of delivery

You should also look at the mode of delivery. Famous wholesalers of Darjeeling tea tend to dispatch orders in as less time as 24 hours, and consumers can get them delivered at their doorstep in just 2 – 4 days of the order placement. You also need to look at the payment modes that are made available at the seller’s website, and check whether it supports credit and debit cards from various financial institutions, PayPal etc and conducts transactions through a secure payment gateway that keeps your transaction details safe.

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