7 Ways in Which Nanotechnology Is Shaping Our Future

7 Ways in Which Nanotechnology Is Shaping Our Future
By Chandrasekhar Bhattacharjee

Nano size particles have their own unique characteristics. They act differently from macro particles because of their minuscule size. This attribute of the Nano-particles, used in various fields of science, technology, bio-medics. They have a set of physical and chemical attributes which make them the particles of the future. In contemporary times the Nano-particles have applications in sunscreen, chemical catalysts and antibacterial agents, creating lifesaving drugs. Modern researchers are conducting researches using the. They are using the particles for developing drugs to treat diseases like cancer, infections. Many researchers believe that the Nano-particles, used in measuring the genetic contents of the cells. Whenever a cell is cancerous then the Nano-particles indicate that by lighting up or flaring. The behaviour of the particles is because of their minuscule size.

There 7 ways by which the nanotechnology (technology using the) is shaping the future are given as follows:-

Using Nanotechnology to simplify communication

Bits of Nano sized particles, used to conduct electricity. This, a vital contribution from Nano-technology. This thing can simplify electronics. It can simplify hand-drawn circuit boards (particularly by using a conductive ink prepared by silver Nano-sized particles) can help to conduct electric current to light up a LED display. Researches are on as far as conduction of electricity using Nano-particle filled ink.

Cancer detectors

With the growth of cancer cells the cell contents (genes and proteins) change. This process emits volatile organic compounds. Dogs are trained to sniff the cancer cells. Besides, Nano-sized particles, used to detect cancer cells inside a body. Gold Nano-particles are often used in cancer detection. The advantage of using the nanotechnology and cancer detectors is that when used timely (through breath analysis) they help in early detection of the disease. Nano-sized particles, used in the detection of infections and other diseases like diabetes.

Nano absorption

Materials composed of Nano particles can soak up oil or water. Such materials may be so designed that the oil, water or other fluids captured within the materials may be wrung out. This happens because of the minuscule nature of the particles which compose a material and when these small particles are tied to each other loosely then they aid in the absorption of fluids which percolate between the Nano sized particles.

Fight cancers

If an entity, a dog is suffering from cancers or tumours then it is a trend to detect the tumours using the CT scan. Researchers say that after detection of the tumour, an injection (radioactive gold Nano-particles) inside the dog helps to track the cancerous cells or tumours. Not just cancer polymer particles can be used to kill drug resistant bacteria. Nanotechnology in medical science has the potential to offer affordable yet quality medical services.

Gene therapy

Research on Nano-particles is leading to extraordinary outcomes. Such particles are said to have the ability to deliver drugs, genes or chemical messengers inside a cell. According to reports on nanotechnology, the art used to carry genetic materials into the cells. Gene therapy has its advantages and they range from curing diseases by enhancing the immune system of the human body.

Protection from the SUN

Sunscreens contain Nano particles (zinc oxide, titanium dioxide) and they offer protection from the SUN’s ultraviolet rays thereby prevent the occurrence of skin cancers. The Nano coatings can make paper waterproof, they can protect clothing and carpets from stains.

Nano materials in food supply

Nano sized zinc oxide can be used as pesticides or fertilizers. However, in this context, it is important to say that the zinc oxide Nano sized particles can have adverse effect on the crop. Researches are on to see the effect of the silver Nano particles on the crop.

Future prospects of nanotechnology

The Nano-particles are effective because of their size. Compared to the macroscopic compounds which lack several properties like the ability to penetrate through the molecules, the Nano-particles can easily penetrate through molecules of different types and this attribute of such particles lend them their uniqueness. In recent times the Nano particles, used for a variety of purposes. Nano-sized particles, used in electronics, the biomedical, medical and agricultural sectors. One can expect that nanotechnology will prove to be very useful in the days to come.

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