About Us


TNC Network

TNC is a group of bloggers/ bloggers who have a collective goal of providing content and media that informs, helps, heals, educates as well as provides joy and solutions.

Formerly (Cactus News Online)

What we cover

We are not a source of "Hard News," or partisan political commentary. We cover the lighter side of news, offering insight  into hobbies, food and drink, pop-culture events, indie films, science and technology, community and social justice, travel, and "how to" videos.

Meet the Main Contributors

Rod is a blogger, writer, filmmaker, photographer, daydreamer who likes to cook. Rod produces and directs the web series, CUPIC: Diary of an Investigator.

Mike speaks about justice and simple living while residing in his ger/yurt. He is also the co-host of Nature Bats Last on the Progressive Radio Network.

Bay Area boy living in the So Cal.  You'll usually find him playing some type of Blizzard game or tinkering with some electronic device in his house.