The Beerdrinkers Guide to Finding Breweries Near Me

The Beerdrinkers Guide to Finding Breweries Near Me
By Christopher Rivera

Beer drinking is a favorite pastime for people all over the world. This is especially true in America where the crafting of local and small batch brews has exploded into a multi-billion dollar industry. All the small factories and companies combined are now beginning to rival the large conglomerate corporate beer companies that used to dominate the industry. This is great for consumers everywhere. Not only can you get more variety at your local grocery store, but you can even buy home brewing kits and learn how to make your own beer. It is an exciting time for beer aficionados everywhere. Want to get started? Here is a quick beerdrinkers guide to finding breweries near me.

1. Decide on the beer you like to drink

There are many different types and categories of beer. Lagers, the most common, tend to be the beers that many are familiar with from the onset. However, once you dive into craft brews you may need to learn a bit more about what you are buying. If you enjoy crisper and smooth beers, try lagers which tend to be aged longer creating smoother finishes and crisper flavors. Most common large corporate brands tend to be lagers. Next you have ales. Ales often times are darker in color and have more complex flavors. Slight bitterness from hops adds more body and uniqueness than your standard lager. For those who enjoy heavier and very complex flavorful beers, you have stouts and porters. These beers are very dark and are made with roasted malt to give it an extra punch of flavor.

2. Types of brands

You have your large mass production brands, and then you get into craft brewing. The definition of craft brewers is a small independent and traditional company. This means usually the company produces less than 6 million barrels and is 75% owned by the craft brewer. There are also micro-breweries who may only produce beer locally, often times competing with large scale brews in their localized markets. These can become very popular and grow into competitive craft brewers. Check out your local micro brew restaurants, pubs, and pizza joints to get a sampling of what your town has to offer.

3. Local brews in your town

As mentioned, you can find local brews at restaurants, pubs, pizza shops, and even at a movie theater. Today, there are movie theaters where you can enjoy grilled foods, micro brews, and catch your favorite flick all at the same time. Check your weekly newspaper, zines, and local bulletins for places that serve craft beer. You can even join a meetup group or organizations locally or regionally to help keep you in the loop regarding craft beer.

To find what you are looking for, start with what interests you in the beerworld and look locally at what your town has to offer.

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