The Best Ways To Choose Your Next Date Night Movie



The Best Ways To Choose Your Next Date Night Movie
By Christopher Rivera

Catching a must see flick in a theater is one of the most classic first date outings a couple can have. To this day, people still choose to see a good quality film for their first night together and it continues accomplish its goal of bringing lovers together. The only issue that can arise though is figuring out which film to watch. It can be confusing to sort through all of the releases and their respective ratings if you don’t know where to begin. Here is a guide on the best ways to choose your next date night movie.

1. Your circle of friends

We all have those friends that know where the best restaurants are, where to get the cheapest drinks, best prices on goods and merchandise, as well as which are the best films out in theaters. Utilizing your movie loving friends’ advice and personal recommendations is a good way to stay in the know and end up seeing films that have a personal attachment to you.

2. Movie review websites

Today there are websites for every type of hobby or interest. It is no different with cinema. If you want to know facts about a movie, there are sites that can provide you with all the details including actors and actresses, budgets, directors, plot, and more. Many of these websites also link to film reviews from national and local critics as well as audience members. After utilizing some of these review sites, you will come to know which critic’s recommendations mesh well with your own likes and dislikes.

3. Local paper

If you live in a decently sized town or city, the chances are high that you have a local newspaper with an entertainment section. Much like getting information online, newspapers allow you to see where and when each movie is playing in your hometown. Often times, screening times are combined with local critics’ reviews and recommendations as well.

4. Weekly chronicle

Much like the newspaper, a weekly entertainment chronicle will also tell you where all the fun things in your area are going down. Pick one up at your local convenience store and see which new releases are buzzing in your particular area. Usually, weekly chronicles provide great information to help film lovers join a community so they can be more involved in the scene and stay in the loop regarding new releases.

5. Ask your date

When all else fails, simply ask your date what they would like to see. You may be pleasantly surprised or you may see a dud and have a good laugh discussing how awful your movie picking skills are. Either way, you will enjoy yourself and have a great time!

Use these 5 ways to help make your next cinema date experience great.

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