The Blue Comet Will Return



The Blue Comet Will Return
By Tony A Grayson

Not so many people get excited to hear that the orbit of Comet 45P has brought it close to Earth once more. Last seen by mankind at the end of 2016, it received a title: “The New Year’s Comet.” That moniker made the news about the appearance of a cosmic traveler more interesting, but one additional detail spiked interest: Comet 45P dazzled viewers with a bright blue color! “Why blue?” people asked. One answer, “Because it is sad.”

Well, no; that is a silly reason. A comet, a mass of material flung into space by a violent explosion (possibly a supernova) has become a moving force. The material composition, water, soil, rock, and gases, fuse into a solid, and because the mass travels perpetually through deep cold space, the water portion became ice. Humans do not perceive a tail (a trail of debris) on a comet until a comet enters our solar system. There, I learned, the sun affects the comet, illuminating its tail and heating the ice in the mass so that it will give off gases.

One gas, carbon monoxide, has a blue color. This explanation makes sense, except that astronomers, on occasion, observe a blue comet as it travels across their field of study in the cosmos. Those observations of the comet occur outside of our, and any other, solar system. So perhaps Comet 45P is sad after all. Whatever the reason, a comet, also called a “shooting star” (because to the naked eye it appears as a star that moves like a marble within a scatter of marbles) will not end its orbit until it hits another solid, which concerns us, and astronomers take particular note of any comet that approaches our solar system.

We tend to see the Blue Comet every 5.25 years, so look for it again in the first quarter of the year 2022. Feel good about seeing it. Marvel at its blue color, whatever the reason for that, and thank God when it whizzes past our solid mass (Earth). If it does not do that, all of us will be sad. #Tag1writer

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