Bop Top Soup



Bop Top Soup
By James J Elleyby

What note do beans come out on? My grandmother told me it was B-flat! But, after you try this delicious and nutritious bean soup concoction, don’t be surprised if they come out on a B-sharp!

BOP TOP Soup gets its name from the ingredients that go into the soup itself. The BOP is Beans, Onions, and Potatoes. The TOP is Tomatoes, Olive Oil, and Peppers. When you put all these good ingredients together, something magical happens!

Here’s what you’re gonna need

Get the BOP part together first.

1 can Red Kidney Beans (You can use Northern beans too.)

1 large Onion (cut entire onion into small quarters)

1 large Potato (peeled and cut into small quarters)

Now. Get the TOP part together.

1 medium Tomato (cut into small pieces)

1 table spoon Olive Oil (use extra virgin if you got it)

1 Bell Pepper Any Color! (cut entire pepper into small pieces)

I like to start by washing my beans off. I never use the juices in the can. It’s actually best to cook your beans from the bag, because can beans tend to be grossly processed.

You may omit any ingredients that you don’t like, for example, tomatoes! I know that many people don’t like the taste. But, I gotta warn you! You don’t know what type of goodness you are missing!

Place all of your ingredients into a large pot that you can cover.

You’re going to need to fill the pot up with water, but just enough to cover the top of the vegetables.

Next, season your veggies with seasoning salt at this time, if you like.

You’re going to bring the pot to an angry boil for about 5 minutes or so, and then turn the pot down way low.

Just let this pot simmer for about an hour.

When you return to your pot, you will have goodness ready to go!

The onions will have greatly shrunk by now. Just as all the other veggies have too. The beans will be so soft and tender, and wonderfully seasoned with the veggies you used.

Let things cool down a bit, because veggies and beans hold heat like no body’s business.

This meal provides 2 servings.

I love having this dish on rainy days, or after a hard day at the gym. I It goes super well after a nice hot bath soak.

This meal is very cleansing, and you’re gonna get some great benefits after you down this super food dish!

Enjoy your meal!

Thank you for reading!


James J. Elleyby

Motivational Life Coach

“Bringing Positive Light And Empowering Perspective To Your Life!”

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