How To Choose Current Movies For A First Date

How To Choose Current Movies For A First Date
By Kaitlyn LaPenn

Planning a first date can be a stressful and nerve-racking process for many people. A safe bet, however, for many folks is to venture out to the movie theater to see what is playing among the current movies. Contrary to popular belief, however, it does matter which film you see. Choose the wrong movie, and it could ruin the mood for the rest of the evening. Thankfully, there are some easy guidelines to follow when making your selection:

Avoid romantic dramas.

This may seem counter-intuitive, but avoiding those dramatic passion films can actually be a good thing. A first date is a chance to get to know a person, and it should be conducted in a low-stress environment. Light-hearted is the mood for which you are searching. Great romantic films among current movies are generally too heavy-handed for what may turn out to be an only date. So ditch these over-kill films and find something better suited for your situation.

Screen for the shocking.

A first date generally indicates that you don’t know much about the person with whom you are viewing a film. Scandalizing someone is never a good idea, and it can make for a very awkward situation. Even if you (or your date) are OK with a R-Rated film, it is best to avoid this until you get to know the person better. Play it safe and stick to PG-13. If you must see something R-Rated, then run it by your date first. Nudity and excessive violence are big no-no’s for first dates, so check for these particular elements before choosing your film.

Find a theater that caters to the interesting.

When searching for current movies, you may feel like you are participating in a cliche first date. You can ramp things up a bit, however, by choosing something more exciting than a regular movie theater. Find a cinema that offers food or alcohol. A few select spots even brew their own craft beer. This can instantly provide an interesting talking point and combine several activities, like dining and viewing. Dinner and a movie generally pairs well with action flicks, so take a look for an exciting movie playing at a spot. Drive-in movie theaters are also good avenues, as well as movies in the park. Avoid doing a movie night at your place until you get to know your date better for safety reasons.

Academy award winners are always safe bets.

These films have been selected from amongst the best of the best by a committee. This doesn’t mean they are always a winner, but at least it can provide interesting fodder for discussion. Do a little research beforehand to see which actresses and which actors won which awards and whether there is anything unique about the film, like the history or the music score. Dates love to be impressed with knowledge, and when in a theater setting, knowledge should be related to movie trivia. Current movies are a safe bet, but it doesn’t mean you don’t have to do your homework.

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