Classic TV Shows With Much Outdated Titles



Classic TV Shows With Much Outdated Titles
By Doug Poe

To compete with the Super Bowl this past Sunday, a local television station decided to air a marathon of a sitcom that is associated with the biggest name in that particular game. Any viewer who did not care to watch Tom Brady, the quarterback of the New England Patriots, could instead tune in to a fictional family who shares his last name.

Patriarch Mike and matriarch Carol are the heads of the house, where six siblings tackle day to day problems that confront kids. For my generation this family will always be the most famous with that last name, but to millenials The Brady Bunch may be more likely to be associated with Tom Brady and his treasure of Super Bowl appearances.

While the title of the sitcom with Marcia and Greg and their Brady siblings may become outdated in the coming years, here are nine shows with titles that have been outdated since before the start of the current century.

Kolchak: The Night Stalker

Darren McGavin portrayed the clumsy but persistent Chicago reporter whose title stemmed from his pursuit of monsters like vampires and werewolves, but today stalker has a much more negative connotation.

The Beverly Hillbillies

The noun in the title is no longer acceptable in civilized society, which now refers to that particular part of American population as Appalachians or people of Scottish and Irish descent.

Dennis the Menace

Jay North’s young character was a pest, certainly, especially for an old grouch like Mr. Wilson, but the boy certainly would never be described as a menace in today’s world.

Chico and the Man

The name in the title has become a stereotype that American society would no longer tolerate in a sitcom starring a man from Mexico.

Mr. Peepers

He was a teacher in the series, which nowadays makes the name sound even creepier than it did back in a more innocent era.

Mayberry RFD

Rural Free Delivery was an unknown acronym to most of America when the show came out in the early Seventies, so it is certainly obsolete now when the concept of mail itself is disappearing.

Wait Till Your Father Gets Home

This animated series would be considered unacceptable today, due to its implication that men, and men only, were the heads of the bousehold.

McMillan and Wife

Rock Hudson was MacMillan and Susan St. James was the wife, whose name being omitted would cause a controversy were this weekly mystery series to ever be brought back to television.

Jake and the Fat Man

William Conrad was the guy not named Jake, but any producer today would have more sensitivity than to use a title like this one.

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