Daddy’s Home 2 Movie Review



Daddy’s Home 2 Movie Review
By Greg Scupholm

When “Daddy’s Home” came out in 2015, I missed it in the theaters, and didn’t really care. Then the following spring, the kids rented it. I was surprised how much I actually liked it. (Note to all: I’ve discovered this is the key to enjoying movies these days- expect the movie to suck succotash and then be pleasantly surprised by whatever small pleasure or more may come your way.) It was far from what I’d call a great movie. But, I would call it a fun ride for the most part, and one that offers a nice friction-filled dynamic going on between Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg.

The movie did well at the box office, video on demand, and rentals, so, oh, but of course, the Hollywood moguls demanded a sequel be rushed out come hell or high water. And, thus, what you get, less than two years later, is “Daddy’s Home 2”- a grossly disappointing, confused, and, at times, desperate movie.

Mel Gibson and John Lithgow are thrown into the fray in DH2, and both add a little spark, but not nearly enough to keep this leaky dingy afloat. And, btw, I didn’t like having to blind my kids’ eyes as they kissed their adult sons for long periods on the lips. SIGH! You could practically hear others in our theater squirming in their seats.

Moving along in the movie, scenes drag on way too awkwardly long without a payoff. None of the characters are likeable other than Lithgow’s “Pop Pop” (though a one-dimensional, wimpy character). Even most of the kids here are irritating. There’s even a scene where a couple kids get drunk and act the fool. This is supposed to be funny?

Heck, even the make-up specialist struck out in this one. John Cina in the end scene appears quite caked up. Maybe he had some mid-life acne to deal with.

Of great note, the writing in DH2 is soft again and again. After Pop Pop gets walloped with a few snowballs, Gibson’s character says as a scene punch-out line, “That guy’s a magnet for snowballs.” Lame-o. My 12 yr old son could do better. This weakness awkwardly reared its head again and again.

Throughout the whole movie, I kept asking myself, “Where is this web of weirdness headed?” It was aimless and pointless, and struggled- almost painfully- to be funny. Oh, but of course, in the end it tried to tie everything together in a beautiful Christmas bow of reconciliation and understanding. Blech. Not buying it.

And, then, as the end credits rolled, the answer to my question was clear as day: this movie was headed nowhere from the beginning and reached that destination in no time.

FINAL GRADE: The original gets a solid B. “Daddy’s Home 2” is forced, limp, and convoluted, and thus gets a D (for disappointing, dumb, and desperate).

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