How To Figure Out Which New Movie Releases You’re Most Likely To Enjoy

How To Figure Out Which New Movie Releases You’re Most Likely To Enjoy
By Christopher Rivera

During the Spring and Summer seasons many new summer films begin to hit the big screens all around the country. With such a wide and varying selection of films to see, how can you decide confidently where to spend your time and money? Here is how to figure out which new movie releases you’re most likely to enjoy.

1. Know your own preferences

Many people blindly go to movies simply because it was recommended or a trailer looked appealing. However, taking some time for deeper analysis can reveal much about your own viewing habits and cause you to become a more thoughtful film appreciator. For example, what types of films do your friends enjoy? If they enjoy over the top action scenes and you don’t, then it makes sense to take their opinions with a grain of salt if you don’t particularly care for that genre.

2. Follow film directors and actors you enjoy

One way of making sure you see great movies is to follow film directors for previous flicks you enjoy. The styles, script choices, and directing tricks that cause you to enjoy one movie will usually follow over into other films created and directed by the same people. Stylistic decisions such as the lightness or darkness of the scenes, close ups, panning, and quickness of cut scenes can all contribute greatly to the enjoyment of a cinematic experience. This can occur with actors and actresses as well. Some performances can make or break a film and you are more likely to love and enjoy one film over the other based on careful casting decisions.

3. Check out online review sites

Today we can usually depend on movie reviewing websites to break down the pros and cons of a movie for us. While it is impossible to completely agree with every review due to our own varied preferences, learning to utilize critiques can enhance not only your appreciation for the nuances of movies, but your ability to discern which films you will enjoy over each other. With practice you can eventually understand the likes and dislikes of particular critics as well and based on their thumbs up or thumbs down, decide if a film is perfect for you. You may even come to learn that you love every film that a certain critic hates!

4. See movies with partners of similar taste

If all of the above seems too time consuming, try seeing films with people who have similar tastes as yourself. Not only will you be more likely to enjoy yourself, but you will be kept in the loop regarding films that you may end up falling in love with. Creating a network of friends with similar tastes will help ensure you only see films you enjoy.

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