Global Warming Is Inflammation Of The Earth



Global Warming Is Inflammation Of The Earth
By James J Elleyby

Do you see what the hell we did to our Mother? We literally have gotten on her Mother-Phreakin’ nerves! Now, look! She is completely fed up with us! She’s got a low-grade fever now!

Mother Earth has a low-grade fever, but don’t be alarmed! Because she will be just fine! She is only cleansing herself and reorganizing her resources.

Our greed and unnatural obsession for bigger and better has caused us to pollute like never before! Our giant gas guzzling cars burn up fuel and emit crazy chemicals into the air. Our need for more has promoted the industrial factories to build huge earth polluting concoctions that literally trash the earth’s ground! Our steroidal push for more dollars and our over indulgence has encouraged farmers to gouge the ground soil with corrosive chemicals and invasive actions to the dirt! So, what the hell did you expect?

The earth is a living organism, just like we are living organisms. When a foreign body is introduced into our inner cavities, or an element that interferes with our biological processes comes onboard, we will naturally produce an inflammatory condition to help combat the condition. This inflammation usually includes elevating the body’s temperature and producing more fighting cells in a desperate attempt to regulate what is going wrong here. The body is attempting to right things.

This is the same exact mechanism at work here with Mother Earth! We have mixed and mangled so many different toxic chemical and we have laced our home planet with dangerous toxins and antibiotic substances.

Now, some people mistakenly believe that man can destroy the earth. But, I got news for you. Man cannot destroy the earth! So, get that one thing straight and clear in your mind! The only thing that man can destroy is himself!

As the internal temperature of Mother Earth begins to rise, many of the natural resources will be shifted around and changed into resources that can better aide the ongoing life on the face of the earth as we speak.

Many species will begin to disappear and become extinct, as we no longer have need for them. For example, if we are going to continue to produce unnatural sugars and sugar substitutes, and we are going to continue to artificially produce via means of grafting, and aeroponics, and growing stuff in tubes, then the natural resources responsible for this process will begin to cease.

This is why, you will hear stories of bees and natural pollinators disappearing. Because we, in essence, have no more need for them! I mean, doesn’t that make sense? Who the hell needs a bee or a flying pollinator when we got hydroponics and we can grow our plants our own dam self! We don’t need bugs to help our plants have sex, because we are unnaturally breeding our own plants!

Another thing to consider here, is that wind also plays an important role in pollination. As we continue to artificially pollenate the plants, even this will greatly affect the weather and how the wind even blows!

Our invasive interference with earth’s natural processes, will halt those very processes, indeed.

But, here’s the miraculous part.

The earth will eventually reach a condition that will encourage man to check his ways and to correct his unnatural harmful habits. Some rather extreme things will begin to happen, for the sole purpose of grabbing man’s attention to check himself!

One example of an extreme, is rising sea levels. Scientists have predicted right, that New York City will be flooded with water in a few short years. But, this makes complete sense! Mother Earth knows exactly what she is doing! She understands how to take care of us! Because, what is New York City, anyway, besides a great earthly infection?

New York City is namely an immigrant entrepreneurial city. People from all around the globe flock here to chase dreams and potential gold mines! But, this hyper inflamed terrain promotes unnatural competitions and hyper active waste proliferation. The fumes from factories, the excessive import and export, and a number of untold antibiotic processes is what is causing Mother earth to naturally ‘wash’ this area clean!

This earth is sick and tired of our trash! We have got to listen to her! Because if we don’t make sensible corrections in the way we are living in her house, then she will take the necessary action to put our pathetic asses out!

Mother Earth is the greatest woman alive!


I’m sorry.

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