What You Need To Know Before You Go To An Event Cinema



What You Need To Know Before You Go To An Event Cinema
By Morris Raymond

Most people tend to think of going to the movies as just another mundane activity that may or may not include some popcorn, a soda, maybe a little bit of candy, and then a possible game of wills with a sticky floor. No one would fault you for thinking about going to the movies in this way at all, but what would you think if you were told that you’d be spending time at an event cinema?

Whoa. Your mind just got blown, right? The first thing you’d be wondering is what exactly an event cinema was, let alone what that might mean for you & your fellow patrons. Do you need special tickets to get in? Is there a dress code? Am I important enough to go to an event cinema or should I be aiming for a general admission type of set-up?

These are all good questions, but they are a little unfounded when it comes to an event cinema. In essence, these types of theaters provide a similar environment to some of the movie theaters you’ve become quite used to for decades. However, they separate themselves from the crowd by offering so much more to customers looking for the upgraded theater experience.

Even more awesome is the idea that these types of theaters are fond of making an event out of a movie screening that isn’t necessarily a film premiere. For example, they love screening cult movies of the past few decades. What better way for a movie-watching audience to get into the movie they are watching than by literally being unable to control the urge to quote every single line of dialogue?

Event cinemas are also emerging as the place to hang out for everyone because they are truly catering to the consumer that wants it all and demands top-quality service. It used to be pretty fair to assume that you’d overpay for a big popcorn & soda combo, and the quality of said products could be somewhat hit-or-miss. Now, you can actually have a full meal served to you while the movie is being shown. You’ll have actual servers coming to you, which means as much of an uninterrupted movie-watching experience as possible. Even cooler is that only a select few serve adult beverages, which means you could check out a sweet flick while enjoying a seriously good craft beer (one chain actually has in-house brewing & an award-winning line-up of craft beers they’ve designed!).

Interestingly enough, the one thing you can expect from an event cinema is that the entire theater experience has been vastly improved. It’s no secret that the best place to check out a movie is in the comfort of your own home with everything you need a quick walk away. Streaming TV services provide new movies at your disposal for pretty good prices, so it’s hard to think of a reason why you’d pry yourself away from such a cushy environment. Movie theater chains have heard this, and they’ve answered the call. Improved sound systems, quality food options, better seating, first-run movies, and a nicer environment all come together to make a night at an event cinema one to really enjoy.

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