New Movie Releases The Whole Family Will Love

New Movie Releases The Whole Family Will Love
By Christopher Rivera

Depending on the age range of your children, taking your kids to the cinema can be a grand undertaking. If you do decide to see a film, you need to make sure that it is one that will grab their attention and keep them glued to their seats with action, adventure, and laughter. Thanks to Disney and Pixar, we can count on many animated films and classic sequels to entertain the whole family. Here are new movie releases the whole family will love.

1. Despicable me 3

This third installment of the movie series sees the character Gru, a natural born supervillain voiced acted by Steve Carell, retired from the life of crime and supervillain shenanigans that his minions miss and crave. Although the minions hope he will return to his old ways after his firing from an anti-villain league, he decides instead to reunite with his twin brother to take down a now bratty and powerful child star seeking to wreck havoc upon the world.

2. The emoji movie

It is hard to imagine anyone knowing what emojis were just 5 years ago. Now, there is a complete movie based on these texting pictures and characters. Inside textopolis, a city inside of a smartphone, the life of the emojis exist. These expression filled characters decide to embark on an adventure that takes them through multiple smartphone applications before discovering a danger that could threaten their lives.

3. Cars 3

The third in the popular series about personified cars, Cars 3 finds Lightning McQueen desperately trying to stay relevant as a race car while the new generation of speedy cars continue to win all the races. After crashing during a very important race, McQueen realizes he needs to seek out help from a younger and faster car and technician before he can have any hope of competing in the racetrack.

4. Spiderman Homecoming

This movie based on the Marvel comic book series of Spiderman, takes the movies into a new direction. Peter Parker has already joined the Avengers but is put into a holding pattern by Tony Stark. He needs to develop his skills and fine tune his superhero powers before he has any chance of going up against the real bad guys. Although inexperienced, Peter’s antsy-ness gets the best of him and he begins to go up against one of the city’s biggest arms dealers who has some impressive alien fire power and technology on his side. Things get messy and disastrous until Ironman shows up to help. This movie does a great job of showing how no matter what your skills and talents are, you always need to grow, train, and develop.

Check out these movies the next time you want to take your family to the cinema.

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