Pilots Encounter UFO Over Southern Arizona


Something strange happened high in the skies above Southern Arizona. It was February 24, 2018, between 3:30 PM and 4:15 PM, when a Phoenix Air Learjet 36, and an American Airlines had separate close encounters with a mystery craft that was flying at 40,000. The incidents can be heard on a recently released FAA recording of the controllers talking to the pilots as the event unfolds.

This is actual FAA audio of the incident that was recently released first by Tyler Rogoway at The Warzone.

N71PG, the Phoenix Air Learjet had the first encounter at 37,000 feet. They called into Albuquerque Center about some unusual traffic that had passed above them.


After acknowledging that they weren’t tracking any unidentified traffic, the controller at Albuquerque asks nearby American Airlines Flight 1095 to look out for the traffic that should pass above their aircraft at approximately 40,000 feet.

A few moments later, pilot of the Airbus replies that something did indeed pass over them, that it reflected the sun and was about two to three thousand feet above them.

Someone asks, “What is a Google Balloon?”

“Doubtful,” someone answered. “UFO!”

Was it a weather balloon, or was it a top secret aircraft from a classified military project?

The sightings of this unknown craft might have to do with the area.  There are many military bases that are close to the area, like Luke Air Force Base just outside Phoenix, Fort Huachuca, Holloman Air Force Base and White Sands Missile Range in nearby New Mexico. This area is known for state of the art unmanned vehicles and top secret military flights.

This incident comes a four months after a similar but larger encounter that occurred in the skies above Northern California and Oregon.


It’s a mystery.