Quick and Easy: Brighten up the Kitchen with Colorful Kitchen Tools

HOUSTON /PRNewswire/ — Colorful design-driven kitchen tools can transcend functionality to brighten up the room.  Little things mean a lot when they pop with color and personality, like these high-quality kitchenware items for those who appreciate good taste on all levels.

The stainless steel CDN Compact Mechanical Timer, with a trendy retro design, comes in bright Red, White, Blue, Black or Silver.  It stands out for its style, simplicity and intuitive ease of use.  There are no buttons to press: simply turn the top to set the time. This time-tested kitchen essential has multiple advantages for cooks over timer apps: it’s smaller, does not go to sleep, and has a non-slip rubber magnet to sit securely on the countertop or attach to any metal surface.

The ultimate juice press, the Cilio Citrus Press from Frieling makes it quick and fun to juice oranges, grapefruits, lemons and limes for juice blends, cocktails, smoothies and more.  Built for speed and ease of use, this commercial-quality tool has a great design and makes short work of juicing.  It comes in array of fashion colors including mint green, copper, orange, red, yellow and more.

Peugeot Tahiti Duos offer seasonal color palettes, with complimentary colors that distinguish pepper from salt. The Spring set is green and yellow, while the Summer set combines blue hues between sea and sky. The Autumn set highlights two shades of vibrant orange, and Winter features deep chestnut browns with red undertones. These gracefully curved 6-inch mills are made in France from local PEFC-certified beech wood.

Personalize your frozen treats with the Zoku Ice Cream Maker, available in bright Purple, Red, Orange, Green, Blue and Teal.  Use it to make individual portions of ice cream, custard, frozen yogurt, gelato, sorbet or sherbet in as little as 10 minutes, right on your countertop.


SOURCE CDN, Frieling, Peugeot, and Zoku