Several Influences of Television

Several Influences of Television
By Aman Tumukur Khanna

In the earlier times, the media in the form of television used to be an important form of information. But in today’s world television usage has moved far beyond. It has become more of entertainment though not compromising with the information factor. The television media has become an invincible part of today’s life for people of all age right from your two-year-old kid to the very old grandparents.

Most of the people do not even realize how much closely we have become related to television. Right from the moment, we wake up in the morning till the time comes to go to bed at night we are attached to it. The true fact is that we have become dependent on it. We may skip our meals but we never attempt to miss our favorite TV shows.

Influences Real Life

Most of our activities are now guided by what we see in the serials or movies. Even the music industry has influenced us. Some of the people try to imitate the life and styles of the star not knowing that this can be very much difficult in reality. Even one’s personality also gets influenced. From talking to dressing up and every other thing gets changed.

Peeking Into the Lives of the Celebrities

The ones who love to know more about their favorite stars, television serves as a medium for them several shows let them have a peek into the life of the person and everything he does. Thus, the fans are always kept updated.

Loss of Innocence

Television shows both good things and also bad things. Children do not necessarily understand the difference between good and bad and might hence commit mistakes trying to imitate scenes that they have seen on the television. They say such things and gives certain logics that no longer we can call them innocent.

How to Control the Kid’s Activities?

We feel that parents need to have an absolute control over the television. They must monitor what the children watch. Children should be allowed to watch light shows like comedy shows and cartoons that help to keep their innocence intact. Parents can use kid mode so that they have a control over the television. Emphasis should be given more on the educative channels than on the movie and other channels. They should be allowed only cartoon movies and family movies and restricted from watching violent action films. All these things can help in a great way in controlling the kid’s activities.

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