Sitcom Characters Who Fear They Have Been Cursed With Bad Luck

Sitcom Characters Who Fear They Have Been Cursed With Bad Luck
By Doug Poe

Arriving on the doorstep yesterday was a small package that looked eerily like the one which had come just a few weeks before. It, too, was addressed to my daughter, so I brought it in and placed it on her bed.

When she arrived home and tore open the package, it revealed a case for her cell phone. I was surprised because she had just ordered one earlier in the month, and she had always been fairly cautious with her money.

After some prompting on my part, she explained that she had experienced nothing but bad luck since purchasing that other case. She described that accessory as being cursed, so it had to go.

Her belief in items causing bad luck reminded me of all of the television shows that have episodes based on a character’s belief in a jinx or a curse. Even though I can recall thirteen such shows, it might be safer to stop the counting at seven. Here they are.

Freddie Benson from iCarly

His trouble-laming friend Samantha Puckett played several pranks on Freddie to cause him to believe he was cursed with a run of bad luck, but the boy gets even with her at the end of the episode.

Skipper from Gilligan’s Island

After finding the buried head of an ancient totem pole, Skipper (played by Alan Hale) experiences several mishaps he blames on that relic.

Barney Fife from The Andy Griffith Show

After breaking a chain letter sent to him from Goober, Mayberry’s fearless deputy (played by Don Knotts) assigns every trivial accident on his disregard of that communication.

Michael Scott from The Office

The manager (played by Steve Carrel) of the Scranton branch of the Dunder-Mifflin Paper Company declares that the office is cursed after he runs over Meredith in the parking lot, Anglea’s cat Sprinkles dies, and Pam’s computer gets infected with a virus in an episode titled “Fun Run.”

Archie Bunker from All In The Family

The head of the house at 304 Hauser Street (played by Carroll O’Connor) fears he has been jinxed after he loses a chain letter without having sent it on, in spite of his daughter and son in law’s insistence that there is no such thing as superstition.

Radar O’ Reilly from MASH

After Colonel Potter (played by Harry Morgan) orders a reluctant Radar to remove a spirit pole, the medical camp seems to suffer several accidents. Potter refuses to call it a curse until he stabs himself with a scalpel and Hawkeye breaks a mirror.

Bobby Brady from The Brady Bunch

After the youngest son in the family finds an ancient tiki while they are vacationing in Hawaii, the kids soon find out that the trinket is considered to bring bad luck to all who dare to wear it.

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