Sitcom Characters Who Get Back Together With An Ex



Sitcom Characters Who Get Back Together With An Ex
By Doug Poe

One of the most memorable episodes of Seinfeld is titled “The Deal,” when Jerry and Elaine decide to become romantic again. The sexual intimacy, as both had feared, ends up jeopardizing their friendship.

Fortunately the two managed to get the friendship back, but it had to remain platonic. The ending was to be expected of course, since reunions with an ex rarely work out on a permanent basis, neither on television nor in real life.

Here are ten other popular sitcoms that feature an episode with a main character contemplating a romantic reunion with an ex. Most of which do not work out.

Empty Nest

Harry (played by Richard Mulligan) takes a new interest in his ex-wife in an episode called “Timing.”

Parks and Recreation

In self-titled episode in season three, Ron and Tammy ((played by Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally) not only get back together, but they end up getting hitched again.

Will and Grace

In an episode called “Hey La Hey La My Ex-Boyfriend’s Back” Will (played by Eric McCormack) tries to rekindle his relationship with Michael, who has become Grace’s new client.

King of Queens

“Nocturnal Omission” is Doug (played by Kevin James) learns that Deacon’s ex-wife Kelly (played by Merrin Dungey) wants to reunite, causing Doug and Carrie (played by Leah Rimini) to disagree as to whether Deacon should be told.

The Simpsons

Old prom date Arnie Ziffel tries to get back with Marge, making Homer an indecent proposal of one million dollars to spend the weekend with her.

Full House

Joey (played by Dave Coullier) once dated Danny’s sister (played by Darlene Vogel) who, against her brother’s wishes, rekindles the relationship in an episode called “Too Much Monkey Business.”

Married With Children

Kelly (played by Christina Applegate) begins a romance with the son of Peg’s high school love interest, who wants another chance with Mrs. Bundy (played by Katey Sagal).

The Flintstones

Fred becomes fearful when Wilma begins spending time with her old sweetheart, rodeo rider Boney Hurdle.

All in the Family

Archie (played by Carroll O’Conner) finds himself jealous of an old sweetheart of Edith (played by Jean Stapleton), a handsome track star named Buck Evans. At the class reunion, Archie is relieved to find that Buck Evans is now an obese, balding man.

Family Guy

Peter gets jealous when meeting an old flame of Lois, who is the title character of the episode called “Jerome Is The New Black.”

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