Sitcom Characters Who Wrestle With Their Consciences After Finding Money



Sitcom Characters Who Wrestle With Their Consciences After Finding Money
By Doug Poe

Usually the only money I ever find is a piece of small change, mostly pennies. Yesterday afternoon, however, I happened upon a crisp twenty dollar bill in the restroom of a convenience store down the street.

Probably I should have pocketed it just like I do with the coins I occasionally find, but instead I handed it to the clerk working behind the counter. Although it is unlikely that the true owner ever came back for it, my conscience rested much easier knowing that I had not kept the twenty bucks for myself.

That incident reminded me of the numerous characters from TV sitcoms who have faced similar dilemmas in certain episodes. Here are ten of those people who have come upon substantial amounts of money, causing them to weigh the pros and cons of keeping it for themselves.

Opie Howard on The Andy Griffith Show

In “Opie’s Fortune” Sheriff Taylor’s tyke (played by Ron Howard) finds a wallet and tells his dad, who makes him wait the legal amount of time for someone to claim it.

Greg, Peter and Bobby on The Brady Bunch

The three male sons of Mike and Carol come upon a wallet filled with bills, only to have their parents insist on taking out an ad in hopes of finding the proper owner.

Theodore Cleaver and Larry Mondello on Leave It To Beaver

Given the title of “Beaver Finds a Wallet’ no one should be surprised that the younger son of Ward and June happens to encounter a billfold in the episode.

Lamont and Fred in Sanford And Son

” The Suitcase Case” is the episode in which the title salvage dealers get their hands on a piece of luggage stuffed with money, which turns out to be counterfeit.

Gomer on Gomer Pyle USMC

In “Gomer and the Phone Company” quarters start flying out of the pay phone used by the title soldier (played by Jim Nabors), so he sets off on the difficult task of trying to return the small silver treasure to the local branch of that communication utility.

Dennis Mitchell on Dennis The Menace

“Dennis and the Picnic” describes when Mr. Wilson’s pesty young neighbor (played by Jay North) finds a suitcase full of money that ends up being counterfeit.

Ralph Kramden on The Honeymooners

A suitcase full of large bills also turns out to be counterfeit in the “Funny Money” episode of this classic series starring Jackie Gleason.

Oscar Madison and Felix Unger in The Odd Couple

In “A Taste Of Money” the roommates find two thousand in cash in their neighbor’s apartment and start investigating where the money came from.

Latka on Taxi Bobby on Taxi

Bobby, Tony and John try to figure out what to do about the large sum of dough their eccentric fellow worker (played by Andy Kaufman) found in the back of a cab.

Michael Scott on The Office

Staff accountant Oscar discovers that the Scranton branch of the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company must spend its surplus or lose it, so its manager (played by Steve Carell) debates whether to upgrade the copier or buy new chairs. He of course ends up doing neither, thereby disappointing his employees yet once again.

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