The Spirit of the Universe Shines Forth in the Stars

By Norma Holt


The great continent of Australia is special in many ways not least of all because of the views of the night sky. In the wide blue yonder which is the outback there are times when one can sit and look into the Universe and see the Spirit of all Creation looking back at us. The clarity of what lies beyond our planet is unmistakable. It sends shivers down your spine and when you call upon the God who made it there is often an answer.

This is what the indigenous people knew and that would be the same on every continent. But then came cities, electric lights and pollution and people lost the connection. Only in the remote corners where western civilisation has not impacted to the same extent can the reality of how people of all nations and type must have viewed what lies beyond.

This is how they conjured up a place for themselves high above the earth and past the milky way. What dreams took them into the caverns of their heavens and created myths that are still with us today in the religious doctrines born of them.

Visible in the Australian sky is the Southern Cross. Although it is primarily a grouping of five bright stars it is an identity marker that touches the heart of all who live here. It is on the flag and in the culture and the First Australians marked it well. They built rock alignments to plot the sun’s passage across the sky and marked it with pointers for the equinox and both summer and winter solstices.

This is the same symbolic recognition found in other monuments overseas, such as Stonehenge, the Egyptian pyramids, and the constructs in Mexico and other Indian occupied lands. No one has missed the Great Spirit that watches over us. For some it is more than God because it takes the place of life itself.

Following my reincarnation my link to that Spirit is very strong. It makes itself known through the little voice within which leads and guides us through life. It sends us into areas where we might not normally venture and the mystery of finding our way through the toughest of times is usually hailed as a miracle.

No one looks into the universe without seeing the work of God. Likewise, to understand the size and quality of the things given to us. The majority, however, prefer the man-made and invented myths and gods of religious persuasion while they miss out on the greatest beauty of all. Only the Spirit of the Universe knows what’s in our minds and hearts and in the wide open spaces of Australia you certainly feel its presence in the stars.

Norma Holt knows that the basic premise of the world order is upholding religious ideology and myths. Her extensive research went to the heart of the heaven and hell scenario to demonstrate how far man has gone to create his own paradise on earth while living through hell to do it.


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