Studying a Very Popular Beverage of Tea Fanatics – Black Tea

Studying a Very Popular Beverage of Tea Fanatics – Black Tea
By Sneha Birla

When someone asks for tea, first choice of all drinkers is black blends. Whether it is from Darjeeling or Assam, a cup of black brew is the greatest refreshment. Black blends are often found flavored with cherry or cinnamon and come in the market with names like Earl Gray, Darjeeling, English Breakfast Tea or Ceylon. One can find this market in any place in the market and this variant finds a place in the kitchen of every household.

Where is this popular black tea produced?

This beverage is the favorite of almost all beverage lovers but, does everyone know where and how it is produced. The three primary regions where this healthy beverage is produced are Ceylon, Assam and Darjeeling.

Largest wine producing region in the world is Assam and it is also one of the greatest regions of tea production. Assam tea is marketed in bulk in this country and abroad. Black variants from Assam have high demand in the market for this malty flavor, rich color and strong aroma.

As one can understand from the name itself, Ceylon blends come from Sri Lanka. It is the third largest tea producing region across the world. Black blends of this region have strong aroma.

Darjeeling is the first Indian state that comes to everyone’s mind when one talks about tea. The golden color liquor from the leaves of Himalayan slopes has a delicate flavor and tantalizing aroma that attracts one and all. Wholesale producers of Darjeeling tea provide authentic blends that take the drinker to the hills of the Himalayas. Hence, there is such high demand of this black brew of Darjeeling in the market.

How are black blends produced?

From the estate to the cup, the journey of tea is not as easy as it sounds; rather it’s a costly procedure. First the leaves are put in wicker basket so that they come in contact with the oxygen and the cell juices get a boost. Then the leaves are rolled and left for fermentation. In this condition, enzymes in the leaves come in contact with oxygen and form aromatics. Flavors of the blends also develop at this time. Finally, the leaves are dried and made ready for marketing.

How to enjoy the tea?

How a drinker likes to enjoy his cup of black brew is completely his discretion. It depends on the place he lives and his preferences. For example, some might prefer having black tea with a lemon slice while another might like milk and sugar in it.

Therefore, contact a reputed tea company for authentic black blends. Many such companies are available in the country.

The writer is a blogger writing articles on drinks and beverages. While doing research, he has found that wholesale Darjeeling tea is of the best quality and available at the most affordable rate. He shares some information through his articles.

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