Ancient Black Holes That Grew Up Too Fast

Ancient Black Holes That Grew Up Too Fast By Judith E Braffman-Miller Quasars are dazzling, luminous objects, that hide supermassive black holes deep within their mysterious, secretive hearts of darkness. Indeed, quasars are so brilliant that they are visible over great cosmic distances, as infalling, doomed material–snatched from ill-fated stars and unfortunate clouds of wandering gas–swirls down into the waiting,…

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Sagittarius – A-Star’s Last Banquet

Sagittarius – A-Star’s Last Banquet By Judith E Braffman-Miller Secretive, sinister, and gluttonous, supermassive black holes hide in the hearts of perhaps every large galaxy in the Universe–including our own barred-spiral Milky Way. Such supermassive hearts-of-darkness feed on ill-fated wandering stars, as well as on doomed clouds of floating gas, that have traveled too close to their inescapable gravitational embrace–never…

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