Take Your Movie Night To The Next Level At An Event Cinema

Take Your Movie Night To The Next Level At An Event Cinema
By Morris Raymond

The movie business has seen many trends come and go over the last century, but perhaps the most interesting of these trends is that of event cinemas. The notion that a movie could be an event seems a little far-fetched, but given the rabid nature of fandom that sweeps the land when certain film sequels are released, an ‘event’ may be a little too underwhelming a word to describe what is really a phenomenon.

Then again, this is too narrow a definition for the term ‘event cinema’. The trend has to do more with theaters deciding that while the traditional first-run movies are important draws, the public really reacts positively to theaters choosing to showcase certain movies from the past. Whether its lovable cult films, stalwart cinematic classics that haven’t seen a large screen in years, or maybe just blatantly “campy” movies that have nothing to offer except for audience shenanigans, event cinemas seek to bring an audience in that wants to have fun & indulge in the magic of the silver screen with other fans.

If you’re a proponent of having a movie night every month, an event cinema is right up your alley. How could you not be absolutely pumped about checking out a favorite movie on the big screen? It’s almost as though you’ve gone back in time & are seeing a film as though it’s the first time! The big plus is that you are surrounded by other huge fans of the same movie, and you have the added bonus of a collective enjoyment of situational irony because everyone knows what’s going to happen every step of the way.

One of the other key elements of event cinemas is that they are interested in providing a second-to-none theater experience. This bodes well for anyone who loves movies, but for those who’ve sworn off going to a movie theater in the past, this may be the ideal time for a return. Over the last decade, movie theaters have understood that being able to fill seats means more than filling a bunch of seats. Changing tastes & attitudes among moviegoers have made movie theaters subscribe to the idea that they need to work within the ‘quality’ portion of their business as opposed to the traditional idea of ‘quantity’. Theater food & beverages are not more than just soda and popcorn. Gourmet food options and craft beer are the name of the game, with at least one prominent theater chain offering an on-site brewery that produces award-winning suds.

One final note regarding event cinemas is that they encourage group outings. There is a want to have groups of friends (i.e., girls’ night, boys’ night, work buddies) to come check out a favorite movie. There is also an especially big push to get families to come back to the movie theater. Far too much time has passed with many families feeling as though the movie theater has been relegated to swarms of teenagers without parent supervision. Event cinemas are steadily trying to have families understand that they matter.

Event cinemas may be the proverbial “new kid on the block”, but it is a trend that is not only sure to catch on, but it’s worth discovering for yourself.

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