The Best Cinema Near Me Is The One That Serves Food



The Best Cinema Near Me Is The One That Serves Food
By Morris Raymond

I’m a pretty lucky guy in that I really don’t have a whole lot to complain about. Nearly everything I could ever want is only a click away, and with such ease in having all I need close at hand, I’m going to be bold in proclaiming that the best cinema near me is one that serves food. This is why I really like dine-in theaters.

Now, some of you may be thinking I’m a little off my rocker because movie theaters actually serve food. The problem is I want food that resembles an actual meal, not something that comes in tubs or boxes. Again, I don’t feel bad thinking or saying that because in many ways, it’s based on life as I know it.

How often to you hear from someone about how there doesn’t seem to be enough time for anything? Our time is taken up with work, school, extra-curricular activities, practices, sports, music lessons, you name it. By being able to get actual food at the local cinema, you’re basically killing two birds with one stone. The convenience is nice, and considering the time it takes to go out with the wife or the whole family, it really would help. A basic timetable of an evening out for a “dinner and a movie” is about four hours worth of time if efficiency is top-notch. If you’ve got the kids in tow, you might not even make it to the theater.

Dine-in theaters, also called movie grills, are aces in my book because I like to know that I have a viable option for a family-friendly environment that packs in entertainment and sustenance in one. I’ll be the first to admit that it’s a lot easier going the less healthy route when I watch the kids. I don’t have to think too hard, but I do try to make sure to get healthy food in front of them more often than not. If we spend time in a standard theatre, at best we’ll have snacks, and that doesn’t work for kiddos. I also want to think about my wife and I enjoying our time out. We enjoy good food with fresh ingredients, and we even will have a drink on occasion. Dine-in theaters are great in that they not only provide high-end food quality, but some of them have an actual on-site brewery. It’s like getting farm-to-table/small batch awesomeness all at the same time!

Let’s go back to me proclaiming best cinema near me is one that serves food. Part of me feels a little odd in making such statement, but I do so because circumstances in my life are vastly different from those my parents faced when I was a kid. With life just generally being more hectic, being able to get as much done in one place is really helpful. Family time is important, and I like to treat my family to fun things to do. Dine-in theaters (or movie grills if you’re so inclined) seem like a common-sense way of doing just that without the hassle.

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