The Miserable Ones

The Miserable Ones
By Elaine Manaloto

Do you hear the people sing? Revolution. It is a way to let the higher authorities know that the people are done with their slavery and their cruelty. Revolution is when the time the people rises up in revolt against their current authorities and it takes courage, bravery, and sacrifice. Les Miserables “The miserable ones” from the title itself, you will surely be captivated by this film. This film shows so many compelling emotions that affects all the viewers. It truly is empowering to watch all those students fight for their rights even though they know how it will end. Paris, France is known as “The City of Light” who would’ve thought that behind that beautiful city hides such tragic story which is The French Revolution that began with the storming of the Bastille in 1789. But in this film the events take place in 1932. Look down people, for I am striking you a brief discussion about this beautiful film that was written by Victor Hugo and was directed by Tom Hooper. With the combination of these two people, they made a film that cultivated the viewers about the French Revolution. And made us feel how one mother will do anything for her child.

After 19 years of hell that Jean Valjean suffered he was finally freed by Javert, who is the officer in charge of that prison. But even though he is free, he still is not fully free for he has this invisible chain that is wrapped around his neck. Later on, he realizes something that change him forever. He broke parole and continued his life as a mayor and a factory worker. and under that factory, there’s Fantine. A beautiful woman that will do anything and will sacrifice everything for her daughter. After Javert found out that Jean Valjean broke parole, he vowed that he will do everything in his power to bring back Valjean in prison. Eight years later, Valjean kept his promise to Fantine before she died. It is a promise that he will guide and provide a new life for her daughter. While Javert in the other hand is still determined to capture Valjen. And in that moment the students are planning a revolution that will change the future of France. This film shows many different stories. But it has a similarity which is bravery that signifies the willingness of one to take risks, which every one of the character showed.

In Les Miserables, Fantine is a symbol of every mother of the world. She sacrificed her own body and soul. She is willing to give everything just to support her own child. She experienced being a single mother after her so called lover left her without marrying or providing for the child. Fantine was forced to leave Cosette with someone she trust and someone who supposedly take care of Cosette but instead, the money that is for Cosette was being wasted for nothing. Fantine is a perfect example and a symbol of every mother here in this world. She is devoted to her child even at her last breath.

To conclude, I think Les Miserables deserves all the Oscars they got. To think that they achieved that emotion that the novel portrayed, it is extraordinary. Especially, Anne Hathaway. She really nailed the role of Fantine. Fantine’s role is so emotional, from the way she loved Cosette until her last breath. It is so inspiring to watch a movie like this. And it is so amazing to learn that behind the beautiful image of France, there is a tragic history behind that made it so beautiful.

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