Things You Need When Getting A Liquor License

Things You Need When Getting A Liquor License
By Ian Grey

When starting a restaurant most especially establishment that offer liquor, it is important to first apply for a liquor license. This license is essential to ensure that you abide by all the rules authorities issue with regard to safety. However, before getting a license, it is important for owners to get the essential documents that are listed below.

Application Form

First and foremost, when planning to obtain a liquor license, owners need to get a liquor license, it is important to acquire an application form. In this form, owners are required to give business and other personal details. But, it is important to properly and honestly fill the form since fraud details can affect your application.

Employer Identification Number

After filling up the application, the next thing that individuals need to attain is an employer identification number. An employer identification number also known as EIN is important to allow authorities to determine that your business is legal. Not to mention, businesses that follow the standards are the ones that are given the privilege to get an EIN. Because of this, you need to make sure that your business meet the standards.

Food Service Plan Review

It is also imperative for business owners to get a food service review plan. This document must be provided by owners of new or remodeled restaurants, re-opened restaurants that have been closed for at least one year and even restaurants that have been converted from another use. This document must be submitted prior to the construction to avoid costly modifications.

Inspection Report

Another essential document when getting a liquor license is to attain an inspection report. Of course, just like other establishments, it is important for you to make sure that your establishments is safe. Fortunately, getting an inspection report can also benefit your business. For one, it can help owners determine hazardous areas. Next, they can prevent accidents easily. Finally, inspection reports also help business owners make their establishment more reputable. However, apart from safety, it is also vital that you have good sanitation solutions to keep establishments clean and safe for the health.

Sales Tax Registration

Finally, business owners must also obtain a sales tax registration. A sales tax registration is similar to an inspection report or certificate since you need to have a proof of exemption issued by the Department of Revenue.

These are the most important things a business owner need to attain when planning to get a liquor license.

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