Thor and Spider-Man: How to Survive in Their Big Challenge?

Thor and Spider-Man: How to Survive in Their Big Challenge?


Thor and Spider-Man: How to Survive in Their Big Challenge?
By Sarah HA

Thor: Ragnarok, one of the most anticipated films in 2017, will be officially released on Nov. 3rd in America. It is reported that Thor will face an unprecedented challenge where he will be trapped on the other side of the universe without his powerful hammer but he can not return to Asgard to stop his home planet from being destroyed by the relentless Hela until he defeated Hulk. However, without his powerful hammer, how can he defeat the powerful Hulk?

You may say he can ask Spider-Man for help since he has returned to the universe in Spider-Man: Homecoming. However, he is also busy with his dilemma because he has to defeat Vultures who may bring destruction to the world. Unfortunately, the Iron man took back the powerful war costume from Holland, which may push Holland into a worse situation. So there is no time for him to help Thor absolutely.

Perhaps, people may wonder why Iron man takes back the powerful war costume. Actually, the Iron man just hopes to help Holland because it is when Holland is trapped in the great dilemma that Iron man realizes that Holland depends on greatly the war costume, which only will stop him from growing more powerful. So, Iron man chooses to take it back heartlessly, with his hope that Holland can overcome the difficulty not because of the powerful war costume but of his ability. Only in this way can he is qualified to join the Avenger.

Both of them are faced with a great challenge. How can they survive in their challenge? Personally speaking, the only way for them is to fight against the enemy by themselves.

So, picking up your hammer again is the feasible way for him. Thor, your new Thor is here: Marvel fidget spinner, the upgrading one of the Thor hammer.

Thor Hammer

It is designed to be the shape of Thor Hammer which is actually a cool fidget spinner. More importantly, it can keep your hands busy so as to reduce your stress. I heard that Thor also uses it to reduce stress when meeting trouble. Do you think it is so cool?

As for Spider-Man, how can he save himself? Although he can get help from Iron man, only when he deals with the trouble by himself can he be qualified to join the Avenger. Do not worry, he has gained a new weapon: Marvel Ecuber


This wonderful hand spinner is not only wonderful pressure killer but also an interesting toy for adults and children. You can play it by spinning about 4 minutes on average to kill stress and make some fun. What’s more, its amazing Spider-Man look is the most attractive point. If you love Spider-Man, it deserves your choice. If you want to be a superhero like Spider-Man, take one to be the Ecubee superhero.

After Thor and Spider-Man gained their own new weapon, Iron man has also won his Marvel Ecuber: Iron mask, as a reward for his important role in helping Spider-Man join The Avenger.

Iron man mask

This hand spinner is designed to be as an Iron man mask so you may feel so cool to play such a cool spinner. Mini design can allow you put it into your pocket, letting you play it anytime and anywhere for fun. What’s more, such a cool Iron mask fidget is also the tool for you to appeal boys or girls who love Iron man, also.

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