Three Superhero Movies For The Whole Family

Three Superhero Movies For The Whole Family
By Morris Raymond

Superhero movies are perhaps the best expression of the phrase “the suspension of disbelief”. When you go watch a movie, you inherently know that what you are watching, even if it is based on a real-life event, is still a representation of something that was crafted to be on a movie screen. It’s all smoke and mirrors, with the understanding that 1) the smoke and mirrors can actually be amazingly well-done; and 2) the audience, understanding that what they’re watching is not real, intentionally immerses itself into the film’s universe in order to make the story come to life.

Superhero movies, though, take these understandings & turn the dial to ’11’. Not only are you watching the greatest collections of film-making technology ever amassed, but you’re also in a position where you really have to let your mind take in feats of power that are quintessentially not human – superhuman, if you will. It’s a tall order, but given the staggering success that these films have had for the last twenty years, it should be no surprise that more films in this genre are on the way.

The issue that some parents have with these movies, though, lies in the subject matter & adult situations that are presented. It’s a very real struggle because the nuances of internal pain & turmoil, and even desire, are not easy to pull off on film.

Luckily, there is a way for parents to be more at ease with the superhero movie genre if they look beyond the general idea of what a superhero is or means. In other words, stop defining superheroes based off of those that are most recognizable & persistently present. Some “caped crusaders” are so synonymous with the genre, we think of them as name brands that often become how you refer to an entire industry of products.

If you’re a parent that is interested in checking out some superhero movies that everyone in the family can enjoy, try these on for size:

The Incredibles – This landmark film for Pixar was significant because it tackled the issues of general family struggles with a heavy dose of lessons on what it means to be a hero. There’s a little bit of something for everyone in your family as each family member depicted in the film deals with balancing being individual along with being part of a group.

Sky High – The superhero genre tends to dwell on the idea of being an outsider & how society treats those not considered “normal”. This offering from Disney provides a high-school back-drop to the mix, thereby giving the theme of not belonging a significant boost of reality & something of which we can all relate.

The Rocketeer – The older of these movies, also from Disney, takes us back to a time where Art Deco meets World Wars meets emerging scientific discovery meets love story in this gem of a movie. While some critics feel that the movie was a little too hokey, the film is a wonderful homage to the comic books of the early 20th century, which is in line with how key it is for superhero movies to respect their source material.

Superhero movies can be a little rough around the edges because the subject matter they tackle is heavy. Still, parents shouldn’t lose faith that the genre is devoid of stellar options for families.

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