UFO Alien Sightings On Earth



UFO Alien Sightings On Earth
By Pheanyoun Vit

The existence of more superior beings in a different planet away from ours has been a topic for quite a long time now. Aliens, as these creatures are referred to, are regarded to be more intelligent and more technologically advanced than humans. However, their existence has put phenomenon such as UFO sightings in the spotlight. UFO is an abbreviation of Unidentified Flying Objects, which are commonly associated with the unknown objects such as spaceships and other mysterious flying structures.

There are various UFO sightings dated and recorded since the ancient times, and they continue being documented by ufologists across the world. Some of these documentations are top secret and are not placed in public domains to prevent fear and panic from the rumored alien invasions and abductions. Since the 1947 first UFO sighting in Roswell, a modern day era of similar sighting has been documented, we check some of the 21st-century incidents.

Some of the 21st Century UFO Sightings.

In 2007 in Kolkata India, a fast flying object was spotted by hundreds of watchers who described it as a spaceship-like structure that altered its shape from a spherical object to a triangular one, then to a straight linear object. It produced different colored beams of light that formed a circular band.

In Chicago, Illinois in the year 2006, workers of the US Airlines together with their pilots, allegedly spotted a spacecraft that was shaped like a saucer and it was not lit, the craft only circled the Chicago Airport landing points then ascended up at a drastic speed. The incidence was not captured on cameras, and it is, therefore, based on the recollections of these individuals.

Many similar sightings have been reported in other parts of the world like in Turkey Istanbul, in the year 2008 for four months a night shift guard was able to record in a video UFO hovering the Turkey skylines. This was one of the most extended recorded UFO sightings, and it elicited the need for more comprehensive research on space science.

In Africa in the year 2010, an unidentified flying object was observed in Pretoria South Africa, an incident dubbed Tierpoort sighting. Several objects that traveled at an astonishing speed, while producing orange colored beams of light were caught on many cameras.

India 2015 at a place called Gorakhpur, a mega disc-like flying object was spotted flying over the Padri market.


These are only but few UFO sightings on earth that have been recorded and continue being witnessed by many. The questions on the validity of the alien existence remain, and more space research is being carried out to put things clear.

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