Visit South Dakota Falls Park for a Weekend and Explore the Entire Park



Visit South Dakota Falls Park for a Weekend and Explore the Entire Park
By Karen K Williams

Falls Park in downtown Sioux Falls covers 123 acres. This park has 7400 gallons of water and includes observation tower, open air shelter, houses Winter Wonderland and plenty of Christmas season decorations every year.

The daylight savings time for the Falls Park keeps it open from 5 am to 12 midnight. However, one thing is very strict that people cannot consume alcohol here in the Falls Park.

Weekend highlights

Located in South Dakota is the Sioux Falls and is a fascinating place for a great weekend. There are lots to do and at the closest proximity is the Palisades State Park. There is cleanliness maintained and walkable areas, besides the basketball and local hockey teams to sell their games. However, remember to play in cooler arenas.

Do not miss

Walking through the city, Sioux Falls allows walking through Downtown to the Serene park and back to the East Bank. The city is clean like a dream and has cutting edge restaurants offering the best breweries, like CH Patisserie. You can sample beers in the courtyard Midwest at Hit Monks House.

Driving Laws

  • The speed limit maximum is 80mph. On highways the speed limit is 55 to 80 mph, keeping exception to urban areas near Rapid City, Sioux Falls and North Sioux City.
  • South Dakota is strict about using seat belts for infants as well.
  • Drivers must slow at least 20 mph their speed limit in two lane highways, but drivers in interstates need to merge into farthest lane and motorists should slow for vehicle passing with yellow or amber flashing lights.
  • Motorists must be over 18 years and should wear safety helmet and even the passenger must have eye protection devices worn.
  • Forbidden parking rules are a must-know such as no parking within 15 feet of fire hydrant, in front of a private or public driveway, within 20 feet of an intersection or crosswalk, within 30 feet of any stop sign, flashing signal or traffic signal.
  • Other places where it indicates parking is prohibited.

Remember that South Dakota parking laws violations are punishable with fines and if you pay the parking ticket, your insurance rates are safe.


  • The closest station is Webber (East Side) and it takes 9 min walk, while Weber 4th Se Corner takes 12 min walk and 6th Kilian College takes 15 min walk.
  • By road, take Minnesota Avenue north towards 6th street, turn east and after 3 blocks go to Philips Avenue. Turn north and follow the road to reach Falls Park. The parking lot center is to your left on the first lot.

Attraction points

Queen Bee Mill

This is a seven-story remains Richard Pettigrew’s brainchild. He acquired this land and built this structure of the art mill that processes each day around 1500 bushels, but it was closed in 1883 owing to lack of wheat supply and water power.

Winter Wonderland

There are breathtaking lights in the park every year from mid-November to mid-January. This attraction should not be missed.

There are plenty of permanent sculptures in the entire park, besides rotating sculpture pieces.

Park Open Air Shelter

This is the Farmers’ Market home available for special events and large picnics.

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