What Is Your Favourite Tea?

By Norma Holt

Tea would have to be my favourite drink. I start the day with a cup immediately after my fruit smoothie and always have one after lunch and dinner. Sometimes a nice ‘cuppa’ will lift your spirits and even cure a headache. Many people in my life have use tea for that purpose, including my brother who refuses to ever take analgesics. So what is in tea to make it so good.

Recent reports support the old theory that tea is of great health benefit. It contains flavonoids, and other healthy elements. In ancient societies, such as those in China, it was a staple in their diet. Recent studies are showing that it is likely to prevent heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and aid in weight loss.

It is also considered to help lower cholesterol and bring about mental alertness. These things are great as my body is healthy and these things are not a problem for me. But, the question is whether or not tea alone is responsible for it.

In my case pycnogenol secured from a company in Canada is also supposed to do these things. Taken at the rate of one a day for some 15 or more years has had great beneficial results. Full of flavonoids it is manufactured from the bark of the Maritime Prime Tree and by carefully extracting it using the right temperature the end product is able to allow up to 20 to 30 time more vitamin C to be absorbed than normal.

How much the tea has contributed over and above the pycnogenol is hard to assess. One thing is for sure, having recently switched brands and using the lovely English variety produced by Twinings leaves me with a better taste in my mouth. Some teas require something to be drunk afterwards, such as water, to remove the after-taste. That is probably why many opt for coffee rather than tea.

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