Customs and Police Chase Highly Modified Drone over Tucson

highly modified drone

  Back in February of 2021, Tucson Police and US Customs & Border Protection helicopters chased what they were reporting as a highly modified drone across the night skies above the city of Tucson. It was reported that the drone violated the sensitive airspace above Davis-Monthan Air Force Base and a few other locations before leading CPB and Tucson PD…

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NASA Scrubbed Aug 3 Launch Attempt of Boeing OFT-2

  NASA, Boeing and United Launch Alliance have scrubbed the Aug. 3 launch attempt of the agency’s Orbital Flight Test-2 to the International Space Station due to unexpected valve position indications in the Starliner propulsion system. ULA will begin removing propellant from the Atlas V rocket. Pending resolution of the forward work, our next available launch opportunity would be 12:57…

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X-59 Resembles Actual Aircraft


This time-lapse represents manufacturing of the X-59 Quiet SuperSonic Technology, or QueSST, aircraft from May 2019 to June 2021 and includes the merger of its main sections – the wing, tail assembly, and fuselage or forward section. The first flight of the X-59 QueSST is planned for 2022. Credits: Lockheed Martin X-59 A heavy chorus of bolting and machinery filled…

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