Stone spheres could be from Ancient Greek board game

Archaeologists from the University of Bristol have suggested that mysterious stone spheres found at various ancient settlements across the Aegean and Mediterranean could be playing pieces from one of the earliest ever board games.

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Statement by Minister Hussen on Latin American Heritage Month

a canadian flag fluttering in the wind

In October, Canadians across the country celebrate Latin American Heritage Month OTTAWA, ON /CNW Telbec/ – In October, we celebrate Latin American Heritage Month, a time for us to recognize the valuable contributions that Latin American communities continue to make to Canada.  A diverse and ever-growing part of our society, Canadians of Latin American heritage represent the strong, inclusive country that Canada has…

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Liking another group doesn’t mean you dislike your own

adorable antique baby boy

New study provides insight into famous, 80-year-old ‘dolls test’ research Newswise — More than 70 years ago, a pair of psychologists conducted a study in which they asked young Black girls to choose between Black and white dolls. The girls overwhelmingly chose white dolls, ascribing positive attributes to them. The Black girls’ choices and reasoning were interpreted by study authors…

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Another monkey virus could be poised for spillover to humans

close up photo of a monkey

Evoking parallels to HIV, authors are calling on global health community to be vigilant Newswise — An obscure family of viruses, already endemic in wild African primates and known to cause fatal Ebola-like symptoms in some monkeys, is “poised for spillover” to humans, according to new University of Colorado Boulder research published online Sept. 30 in the journal Cell. While such…

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Toyota Financial Services Offers Payment Relief to Customers Affected by Hurricane Ian

bird weather dark storm

PLANO, Texas /PRNewswire/ — Toyota Financial Services (TFS) announced it is offering payment relief options to its customers affected by Hurricane Ian. This broad outreach includes any Toyota Financial Services (TFS) or Lexus Financial Services (LFS) customers in the designated disaster areas.  Toyota Financial Services cares about the safety and well-being of its customers and wants to help those suffering from…

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