A Chocolate Candy That Protects Teeth From Halloween Treats

This Halloween the typical “Trick or Treater” will consume about three cups of sugar, the equivalent of 220 sugar packs. These sugary treats are a feast for the harmful acid-producing bacteria lurking in dental plaque – but it’s a horror show for teeth.

Remarkably, trick or treaters can now counteract these ghoulish sugar acids and reinforce their teeth with BasicBites®.  These delicious sugar free soft chews are clinically shown to help maintain enamel health. The patented revolutionary prebiotic technology in BasicBites was developed and tested at Stony Brook University School of Dental Medicine and is sold by Ortek Therapeutics, Inc.

How do BasicBites work?

BasicBites coat teeth with vital nutrients also found in healthy saliva, arginine bicarbonate and calcium carbonate, which mimic nature’s way of supporting enamel health. BasicBites are coordinated to help protect teeth in several ways.

It’s well known that certain bacteria living on tooth surfaces feed on sugars from the diet and produce acids that can damage teeth. Decades of research investigating the oral microbiome led to the discovery of beneficial pH-raising bacteria living alongside these harmful bacteria. These good bacteria favor and convert arginine, a common amino acid found in healthy saliva and in BasicBites, into alkali or base. This results in immediate and sustained generation of buffers on tooth surfaces, which can help neutralize and counteract plaque acids, keeping teeth in a healthy pH (acid/base) balance.

Like healthy saliva, BasicBites also contains the tooth protecting mineral calcium and bicarbonate. In a normal and favorable oral pH environment, calcium can be reabsorbed into the teeth – a process called remineralization. Bicarbonate helps provide additional buffering and supports the benefits of arginine and calcium.

“BasicBites are a dream come true for parents and their children,” said Mitchell Goldberg, President of Ortek Therapeutics, Inc., “Now there’s a delicious oral care product that can be enjoyed after flossing and brushing every day, not just during Halloween.”

Two BasicBites a day, one after breakfast and one at bedtime after brushing, have been clinically shown to maintain enamel health in a one year, double blind placebo controlled study. BasicBites can be enjoyed by children six years of age and older and adults. Recommended by leading dental professionals, sugar free BasicBites, 15 calories per piece, are available exclusively online from Ortek at their website and at

About Ortek Therapeutics, Inc.

Ortek Therapeutics, Inc. is a global leader in developing and commercializing cutting edge oral care technologies. Through its long-standing strategic alliance with the Research Foundation for the State University of New York, Ortek has developed major scientific breakthroughs in cavity prevention, treatments for dentinal sensitivity and has received FDA clearance for an advanced electronic cavity detection device.

SOURCE Ortek Therapeutics, Inc.




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