Anti-Straw Movement and Popularity of Healthy Smoothies Creates New Opportunities for Female-Owned Company Making Eco-Friendly Reusable Straws

Health+Planet with GreenPaxx patented reusable straws

Earlier this year, Starbucks announced it would discontinue using plastic straws in all its stores worldwide over the next two years, accelerating the anti-plastic straw movement forward. While local food service companies and municipalities across the country research ways to eliminate disposable straws and decrease plastic waste, GreenPaxxFounder and CEO Cindy Schiff has been pioneering this mission for nearly seven years.  Schiff invented Cool Straws, the original and first-ever silicone drinking straw that is environmentally friendly, teeth-safe and colorful. Plus, with the growing popularity of healthy smoothies, these first-of-their-kind straws have a wider design for thicker drinks and are made from 100 percent food grade silicone, making them a non-reactive, non-leaching and overall safer alternative to dangerous metal and plastic straws.

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In 2012, Schiff launched GreenPaxx and introduced the first straw that was not only made from non-toxic materials, but were also adjustable, reusable and just simply fun to use. A mother of four and former critical care cardiac nurse, Schiff knows firsthand the toxicity and liability of drinking from inexpensive metal products and how harmful plastic straws are to the environment.  After discovering there were no alternatives and not wanting to risk injury with metal straws, she took matters into her own hands and invented and launched GreenPaxx Cool Straws.

“With growing concerns about the authenticity and trustworthiness of products made from natural materials, we feel it’s critical to be transparent about how GreenPaxx products are made,” Schiff said. “We constantly test the materials we use to ensure they are safe; we want people to have confidence that they are making healthy choices for themselves and their families when they use our products. That’s something that truly sets us apart.”

With a quality-matters-most mindset, the anti-plastic straw movement and the growing popularity of healthy smoothies, GreenPaxx is finally drinking in the demand for their reusable straws as more people are looking for trustworthy and sustainable products.

To schedule an interview with GreenPaxx Founder and CEO Cindy Schiff, or to request photos for product features or purchases, please contact or 631.223.8403.

About GreenPaxx

Launched in 2012, GreenPaxx ( is a female-owned environmentally conscious company that makes reusable silicone straws and other unique accessories for healthy living. Discovering there were limited alternatives to toxic metal straws or single-use plastic straws, Founder and CEO Cindy Schiff created the company’s first product, Cool Straws, the patented two-piece reusable silicone straw. Today, GreenPaxx has an expanding line of sustainable products including Cool Cap Universal cup lids, Slim Snack snack tubes, Click-it Wet/Dry bags made 100% from recycled plastic water bottles and more.

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