Autonomous Announces Launch of SmartDesk 3; The World’s First AI-Powered Standing Desk

NEW YORK, Sept. 20, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Autonomous ( today launched its SmartDesk 3, the world’s most powerful AI-powered standing desk.  Designed to anticipate your needs, the SmartDesk 3 is the first desk in the world that enables you to work smarter by taking care of the everyday tasks.

“SmartDesk 3 brings the office into the 21st century, creating a work place that is dynamic and responsive to your needs,” stated Duy Huynh, Founder and CEO of Autonomous, “which is consistent with our commitment to build products for the office of the future.”

Standard in all traditional motorized sit-to-stand desks are the electric up-and-down controls.  But, the new SmartDesk 3 features an integrated display powered by the Autonomous Smart Office AI that can control your music, order you lunch, request an Uber, or just give you advice on when to take a break. A full set of features is listed below.

  • Up Or Down?: An Activity Log tells you how long you’ve been working, sitting or standing and suggests to sit or stand.
  • Control Freak: Spotify, Nest and more can all be adjusted. And as the SmartDesk 3 learns your preferences, it will make further adjustments for you to optimize your work and relaxation.
  • Meet and Greet: The desk will notify you of upcoming meetings through integrations with Google Suite to keep you on time throughout the day.
  • Shortcuts Go A Long Way: Never memorize an application shortcut again, thanks to contextual shortcuts that work with your computer’s software. Just open Google Suite, Slack and use gestures for common shortcuts on the SmartDesk 3 screen.

    The Autonomous Smart Desk 3 AI-powered standing desk (PRNewsfoto/Autonomous)
  • Lunch Is Served: Lunch suggestions and instant delivery with our integration with
  • Need A Ride Home?: Or an Uber? One touch and a ride is on its way.
  • Coming Attractions: A fully functional SDK to allow you (and your team) to create apps…all to help you work smarter.
  • Made In The USA: Yes, the world’s first AI-powered standing and desk is made right here…in Yonkers, NY!

The Autonomous SmartDesk 3 will be priced at $549, with free shipping.

For a complete list of features, pricing, and availability, please visit Autonomous (

About Autonomous
Autonomous helps the world’s smartest people work smarter.  Launched in 2015, our team of software/hardware engineers and designers has created technology powered office products that re-think working and productivity with the marrying of software and hardware in the office. From an AI-powered standing desk to ergonomic chairs and office robots, we are bringing the office of tomorrow to today.


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