Barley Days first out of the gate to meet Ontario Premier’s “buck-a-beer” challenge

Craft brewer Barley Days has opened the taps to meet Premier Doug Ford’s commitment to bring back the thirst quenching “buck-a-beer” to Ontario beer lovers while supplies last.

“We were elected on a promise to reduce red tape and put the people first,” said Premier Doug Ford, who made the announcement while visiting the Barley Days Brewery Tuesday morning. “This included a promise to bring ‘Buck-a-Beer’ back to Ontario. Today I am proud to say: Promise made, promise kept.”

The new beer is Barley Days Loon Lager and will be available, while supplies last, in select LCBO stores by Aug. 27, which is the challenge deadline.

“We have stepped up to the challenge to produce a top-quality craft beer that every Canadian can afford. Barley Days Brewery opened its doors in 2007 as the first craft brewery in Prince Edward County,” said Kyle Baldwin. “We are proud to be the oldest brewery in Prince Edward, where we continue to brew craft beers to the highest degree of excellence. This Buck-a-Beer program continues that tradition and gives our customers great craft beer at a great price.”

Ford, who was joined by Minister of Finance, Vic Fedeli, and Minister of Government and Consumer Services, Todd Smith, announced that, effective Aug. 27, Ontario’s Government for the People will lower the minimum price floor to $1 for any beer with an alcohol volume below 5.6 per cent.

Barley Days Loon Lager is a top quality beer, and it won’t be compromised to meet the Buck-a-Beer challenge.

“Beer has no politics. The only party that beer understands is the party that you host for your friends and neighbours. Our goal has always been about producing this excellent craft beer. This is about ensuring that all Canadians can enjoy top quality craft beer at a great price. We make beer; we are good it and we hope you will try our new Barley Days Lagoon Lager. You won’t regret it!”

The Premier formally launched the ‘Buck-a-Beer’ challenge to encourage brewers to lower their prices. Any brewer who agrees to lower their prices on or after Aug. 27 will, for a limited time throughout the year, receive LCBO promotional considerations.

SOURCE Barley Days



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