Award-Winning Journalist and Therapist Write Children’s Book About the Coronavirus Pandemic

The new children’s book, Anna and the Germ that Came to Visit, by Christianne Klein and Helene Van Sant-Klein, tackles questions that parents are desperately trying to answer all over the world: How do I talk to my children about the coronavirus pandemic? What tools can I give them to deal with the confusion, fear, sadness, boredom, and loneliness they’re feeling…

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Why Dads Should Spend Time With Their Daughters

    Why Dads Should Spend Time With Their Daughters By Shalini Mittal Usually, daughters are closer to their mothers than to their fathers. However, that doesn’t mean fathers don’t care about their daughters. They do a lot. As a matter of fact, fathers play a great role as far as guiding and counseling is concerned. It’s important that you…

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