ClassDojo Expands to Home With ‘ClassDojo Beyond School’

ClassDojo Beyond School

Today, ClassDojo – the most-widely used communication app for pre K-8 schools – announced it is expanding into the home with ClassDojo Beyond School. Having grown through word of mouth to teachers in 95% of elementary and middle schools in the U.S., ClassDojo Beyond School is the company’s first offering just for home. As of this back to school, one in six U.S. families with a child under 14 use ClassDojo every day, a 40% increase from last year.

“Over the years, we’ve spoken to thousands of families using ClassDojo all over the world. All of them want to further support their children at home. I remember one family in particular where the mum said she loved seeing her daughter do the ClassDojo empathy activities in class, and she wanted to continue this outside of school. That’s where the idea for ClassDojo Beyond School came from,” said Liam Don, co-founder and CTO of ClassDojo. “Families want to help their children more at home, and Beyond School helps them do just that. We’ve been testing the first version of it this year, and families love it – which is why we’re now starting to release it to all U.S. families over the next few months. ClassDojo Beyond School will enable us to continue to make ClassDojo better for teachers, children, and families – and keep it all free for them, forever.”

Available as an optional subscription in the ClassDojo app, Beyond School will start being available for families in the U.S. this month. In opposition to conventional approaches that rely on selling advertising to students or selling to districts, ClassDojo Beyond School is an optional, monthly subscription that gives families access to learning experiences to do with their children, separate from what’s happening in the classroom. Revenue from Beyond School will be used to keep improving ClassDojo, which will remain free for all teachers, children, and families around the world – a promise the company has committed to.

“My daughter and I have been using Beyond School for the past month. We love it! I love using ClassDojo with her teacher – it’s helped us feel so much more connected to what she’s learning at school. So, when I saw there would be a way to do some of the things she was doing in the classroom at home, I got very excited,” said Mercedes Ford, who has an eight year old daughter in Florida. “For instance, my daughter usually has a hard time waking up – but with the morning Meditations in Beyond School, she starts her day rested and ready. She added her own ‘habits’ category called ‘Love Mommy’… which completely made my day! And just yesterday I saw her doing one of the Daily Reflection challenges: she was asked ‘What’s something you’re grateful for?’ and responded ‘Reading time with Mommy.’ These are the moments parents live for! I feel like we’ve just scratched the surface of what’s possible for her, and for us: Beyond School has helped us do more together, and brought us closer already.”

ClassDojo Beyond School will include:

  • Feedback Points: to help families encourage positive habits and skills at home.
  • Mojo Mindfulness: to help children understand and manage their emotions in different situations – including at bedtime to help them sleep.
  • Daily Reflections: to give children a voice, and a place to develop character strengths like gratitude and kindness.
  • Monster Creator: to let children creatively express themselves with an at-home avatar.

In further news, the company announced that the 2018-2019 school year is the first year ClassDojo will be used in more schools outside the U.S. than in it, with countries like the UK, Australia, Spain, and UAE having more than 50% of their primary schools active on ClassDojo. As with the U.S., this growth has happened organically – with teachers sharing ClassDojo through word of mouth in their own schools, and with friends around the world.

“ClassDojo is by far the best thing I have encountered in my 36 years of teaching,” said Sue Stevenson, a Year 1 teacher in Queensland, Australia. “Since introducing ClassDojo to my whole school, every teacher has seen an increased level of family engagement, which is directly linked to families accessing School and Class Story, not to mention Portfolios. Just as impactful has been the social and emotional skills that our students have developed, thanks to our favourite ClassDojo monsters Mojo and Katie and their quest for a growth mindset, empathy, and mindfulness. I can’t imagine my school without ClassDojo. And my families love it too!”

ClassDojo is used in 180 countries overall, and ClassDojo Beyond School will begin to be available in selected geographies outside the U.S. in 2019.

“We started ClassDojo because we want all children in the world to get an education that unleashes their ingenuity, no matter where they grow up,” said Sam Chaudhary, co-founder and CEO of ClassDojo. “We believe such a future won’t be created top down: it’ll be created from the ground up, by helping teachers, families, and children come together as communities, to improve the learning experiences inside their classrooms and homes. We are fortunate to work with such communities in almost every country around the world, who are leading this grassroots revolution to improve education for their children. We hope ClassDojo Beyond School gives families who want a way to help their children grow and learn beyond what’s happening at school a choice, and a new way to do so.”

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About ClassDojo
ClassDojo’s mission is to bring communities together and give them the tools, ideas, and energy to improve education for their children. Founded in 2011 and based in San Francisco, California, ClassDojo is a school communication platform that teachers, students, and families use every day to build close-knit communities by sharing what’s being learned in the classroom home through photos, videos, and messages. ClassDojo is now beginning to deliver better learning experiences to classrooms and homes, starting with social and emotional learning. Today, 95% of K-8 schools in the U.S., as well as a further 180 countries, have joined ClassDojo. To learn more, visit: or Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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