Cloud Gaming Unleashed! 3-D Web Based AAA Gaming Powered By The Cloud Delivered By WNDR

NEW YORK, Dec. 7, 2017 — WNDR, a NYC-based tech firm is set to launch the first ever gaming platform that delivers high-end, immersive gaming to any browser, on any device, in seconds with only a web link.

The cloud gaming technology featured here ( boasts dynamic mobile capabilities. Players can use their smartphone for gameplay, or convert it into a virtual remote controller to seamlessly play on a tablet, PC or Smart TV –  enabling ‘play everywhere.’

“We have reduced the number steps a new user must take to actually experience an immersive game and the process of getting a game to market,” says Mr. Borris Bazelais, Founder, and CEO of WNDR.

The WNDR platform allows the 10 Million developers that create games with Unreal Engine and Unity to publish and distribute them in seconds with a WNDR embed code or weblink.

“The technology required to produce games with a high-end look & feel is rapidly becoming more accessible, but distribution has not followed suit,” says Mr. Bazelais. “Monopolistic forces dominate the distribution landscape that both independent developers and established studios depend on for their existence.”

In turn, there is a massive audience of potential gamers that are intimidated by current studio-released console games. Many of these may be former game enthusiasts that gave up on console games long ago as they became increasingly complex over successive generations.

“We call them the ‘premium casual gamers’ – the 1-billion plus market that we believe has the potential to become larger than the hardcore gamer segment,” says Mr. Bazelais. “WNDR is their new game console in the cloud.”

To learn more and view a demonstration of the technology please visit WNDR.COM

WNDR is accepting inquiries for game developers and publishers. Please contact us here.


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