CONCIERGE KEY Health Beta App Now Available in Apple Store

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., Nov. 2, 2017 — CONCIERGE KEY Health—the first mobile app based service that will provide discerning consumers exclusive and on-demand access to elite physician specialists, urgent care clinics and hospitals nationwide—is proud to announce the final beta-testing phase of its groundbreaking platform, on track to be made publicly available in early 2018. Through a subscription-based membership, millions of U.S. consumers will soon be able to expedite the process of connecting to elite top-tier, board-certified doctors across the healthcare spectrum, while reducing wait times and reliance on referrals from third-party insurers.

“An all-too-common nightmare as a patient in the U.S. is the complicated process of gaining access to the right healthcare options for specific medical needs in an efficient and timely manner,” says company founder Robert E. Grant. “With average wait times to see physicians reaching up to 30 days in some areas, there has never been a greater need for a 24/7 mobile solution that swiftly connects patients with the right physicians, specialists and treatments—in a country that is undeniably home to the best in medical innovation. As we enter our final stage of testing on the eve of launching CONCIERGE KEY Health, we could not be more confident in our ability to fill the inefficiency gap and help improve the overall healthcare experience.”

Through a yearly individual or family subscription, CONCIERGE KEY Health subscribers can access physicians and book appointments through a simple-to-use mobile app. At the time of sign-up, users can also safely and securely allow doctors to view their medical history and insurance information, which allows for a seamless transfer of stats and eliminates the need to fill out pages of paperwork at each new medical office visited.

Leading board-certified interventional cardiologist and CONCIERGE KEY Health participating physician, Tony Das, M.D. said, “Healthcare has been slow to adapt to the needs of the consumer—in this case, the patient. A radical disruption in the industry, putting patients and doctors first, is long overdue.”

“CONCIERGE KEY Health represents a significant leap forward in creating a premier healthcare experience for patients and physicians across the healthcare spectrum nationwide,” said Dan Durrie, M.D., a CONCIERGE KEY Health participating physician and leading board-certified ophthalmologist based in Kansas City, MO.

CONCIERGE KEY Health is currently accepting up to 10,000 consumers for a beta membership on a complimentary basis. To sign up, please visit For more information on joining the CONCIERGE KEY Health physician specialist network, please visit

ABOUT CONCIERGE KEY HEALTH: CONCIERGE KEY Health is the first mobile app that provides on-demand access to elite physician specialists, urgent care clinics and hospitals nationwide. While not a reimbursed healthcare provider, CONCIERGE KEY offers a first-class upgrade to the U.S. healthcare experience that over time has become increasingly inconvenient and impersonal, by eliminating excessive appointment and in-office wait times through an exceptional subscription-based membership. The CONCIERGE KEY mobile app enables patients to expedite the process of connecting to and consulting with elite top-tier doctors across the healthcare spectrum who are each board-certified faculty members of medical societies, with many belonging to the esteemed, peer-reviewed physician faculty leadership organization, World Physicians Organization (WPO). Reducing not only wait times but also reliance on referrals from third-party insurers, CONCIERGE KEY significantly enhances the patient experience in an industry lost to bureaucracy and inefficiency—and by doing so benefits doctors and patients alike. For more information, follow CONCIERGE KEY Health on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, and visit


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