Controversial Prisons, a Documentary on a City in Ruins and its Prisoners

Film Director and Journalist, Muneer Binwaber, has released his explosive documentary, Controversial Prisons, produced by Qana production and Nilepal, to great critical acclaim.  In an unflinching and honest account, the film details the conflict in Yemenwhich, now in its fourth year, has killed thousands and left millions more living in poverty.

“How did a small group with inferior weapons defeat an entire military, releasing hundreds of prisoners?”

In June of 2011, 60 Al Qaeda prisoners escaped from a central prison in Hadramout in Yemen and began a reign of terror which would shake the city to its core.

After forcibly taking control of the Hadramout coast in 2015, the Al Qaeda quickly overpowered every operation within the city, from the law to the military and through the city’s ports began to earn up to $4 million per day for their cause.

Above the law

Buildings, including courthouses and police stations were looted and destroyed, citizens were terrorized and killed, and 80,000 tons of munitions were hidden in residential neighborhoods, only meters away from where children would play.

Controversial Prisons offers first hand accounts from military personnel, police officers, citizens, journalists and senior lawyers, on the events that have shaken the region and destroyed its already fragile infrastructure and resources. After the liberation of the Hadramout coast of al-Qaeda and the liberation of Aden from the Houthi forces, a large-scale crackdown on suspected members of these groups was carried out. Prisoners had to wait a long time, sometimes in inhuman conditions,  due to the destruction of the justice system.

Behind closed doors

For his documentary, Muneer Binwaber took a film crew inside Beir.  Despite the fact that cases of torture and sexual abuse had been alleged within the prison, the film crew were welcomed and were free to wander round and speak to prisoners.  Those accounts and more are captured in this unique and shocking documentary.

Few reports by international organizations are written about the victims of war, famine and unrest in Yemen.  For the first time, Controversial Prisons lifts the lid on Yemen’s destruction in an unbiased and first-hand account.

The Team

Writer and Director of Controversial Prisons, Muneer Binwaber is a writer and journalist for Nilepal, also writes for the International policy digest and has covered a number of high profile topics within the region.

Controversial prisons was produced by Qana production and in conjunction with Nilepal, a British media services agency focus on the Middle East.

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Beir Ahmed prison, Aden, Southern Yemen

SOURCE Nilepal




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