Eileen & Eva Reveals its 2018 Holiday Gift Guide of Elegant and Stylish Apparel Specially Designed for Women with Breast Cancer

4-Piece Recovery Wardrobe Bundle

LONG BEACH, Calif. — Breast cancer and mastectomies do not take a holiday and neither should fashion. This holiday season, Eileen & Eva™’s signature launch collection, Heal with Style, features beautiful lifestyle pieces that hide drains and allow easy access to PICC lines and ports. The wraps, tunics, pants, shawls and scarves feature flattering lines, soothing colors, breathable soft, moisture-wicking and anti-microbial fabric that prevent infections, moderate hot flashes and provide ample room for lymphedema and weight gain. To help make holiday shopping even easier, Eileen & Eva™ is also offering free shipping for all purchases through early 2019.

Founder and CEO Eva SooHoo launched Eileen & Eva™ to make fashion a force for healing. Her mother’s experience with ovarian cancer and her own BRCA gene mutation preventive surgeries sparked the concept of a simple yet sophisticated recovery wardrobe. She found that common side effects of breast cancer surgeries and treatments posed unique challenges for stylish women and that wardrobe choices were very limited.

Eileen & Eva’s 2018 Holiday Gift Guide takes the guess work out of holiday shopping for women facing BRCA and breast cancer treatments. Each of the elegant pieces featured in the Holiday Gift Guide are perfect for layering and accessorizing, further complimenting a woman’s unique style, whether in the hospital for treatments or out on the town – all for under $120.

  • Heal with Style Wrap and Tunic ($118 each): Designed for post-surgery, treatments, lounging and beyond; with snap openings for port and PICC line access and built-in drain pockets.
  • Pamper-Me Cashmere Shawl ($98): an elegant cashmere wool shawl that is warm and stylish for treatments and versatile; can be worn as a scarf, shawl, cape, or bolero jacket.
  • Sweats No-More Pants ($68): slimming lounge and pajama pants that are comfortable, stylish and flattering.
  • Brighten-Me-Up Scarf ($42): a versatile and ultra-soft scarf in soothing, multiple colors with strategically placed buttons that allow it to be worn in different styles.
  • Laid-Back Lounge Shirt ($88): Cooling, comfortable and flowy, this stylish lounge/sleep shirt with a sharkbite hemline adds flair to a woman’s recovery and features front buttons that accommodate a limited range of motion.
  • Wrapped-in-Love Snood ($42): Oversized and ultra soft infinity scarf that can also be worn as a hood to keep heads warm during treatment.

For those who can’t decide between all of the beautiful styles, Eileen and Eva™ also offer a four-piece fashion bundle for the holidays for $288, a savings of nearly $50.

All of the items featured in Eileen & Eva’s 2018 Holiday Gift Guide, as well as gift cards, are currently in stock and available to purchase online at

Discreet pockets for surgical drains

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