Fast Radio Bursts Mystery Unfolds

January 10, 2018 Washington DC

At the winter meeting of the American Astronomical Society, Astronomers reported on their recent studies of a mysterious source of fast radio bursts from a source three billion light-years away, known as FRB 121102.

According to the scientists, the discovery suggests that the strange source is in the close vicinity of a massive black hole, or within a nebula of unprecedented power. An astonishingly extreme and unusual environment.

Their study is featured on the cover of the January 11, 2018 edition of the peer-reviewed journal Nature.

Consensus: The January 10, 2018 report from Astronomers on their recent studies of the mysterious source of the fast radio burst form three billion light years away, as known as FRB 1 2 1 1 0 2, sums it up.

The group thinks the bursts were twisted by the extremities of a supernova or a massive black hole.

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