Florida Native, Rhys Kelly Intrigues With A Truly Unique Perspective At Miami Art Week

Rhys Kelly, a sculptress born and raised in southern Florida is a perfect example of a young talented artist, visitors to Miami Art Week hope to see.  Rhys is pleased to present “What’s Your Perspective,” a body of work featuring sculptural eye form artwork as fine jewelry and also larger sculptural forms for commercial and residential interior display. Upon first glance the viewer realizes the artist’s celebration of eyes, but is drawn into the mesmerizing detail, while astonished at the complexity and talent exemplified in the realistic hand-painted eye forms. She is particularly recognized for her “Eye On Tripod” 2018, an incredible piece created with acrylic, wood, clear resin, and metal.

Rhys has spent years refining her artistic vision of embracing the uniqueness of all people, realizing that each has a unique perspective of their life journey, seen through their eyes and felt with the heart.  She will quickly say her “art is meant to inspire, fascinate, and celebrate the individuality of every person.” She is a featured artist with a collection of fine jewelry on display and available for purchase at the prestigious Loew’s Hotel, Miami Beach. Each piece is made of precious metals, a hand-painted sculptural eye form, and some also include precious and semi-precious stones.

Visitors to the various venues of Miami Art Week will be happy with the decision to make their way to Wynwood to the Bubble City to see fresh talent such as Rhys’ in the Hive area. This lively neighborhood is bubbling over like champagne with music, performing and visual artists, delectable food choices, and most definitely art that intrigues.

If your schedule is too busy to reach Loew’s Hotel, or Wynwood, then with a click of the mouse you will be delighted to see one of southern Florida’s rising stars in the fine art community by going to or visiting her incredibly artful Instagram page @RhysKellyOfficial. When visiting Rhys in person at her Bubble City exhibit, you will find her genuine and cheerful personality is every bit as delightful as her fine jewelry and sculptural artwork. Regardless of tired, art walk feet, you will leave Rhys’ presence with a smile.

So, if you are looking to commemorate your unique perspective of the 2018 Miami Art Week, a Rhys Kelly wearable art piece will be the perfect artful reminder.


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