FreeOne Launched by JTOUR in Partnership with JD

With the excellent performance of Vigor 3S and Vigor 5, JTOUR, a popular wearable smart watches brand in China, has launched the new running smart watch series “FreeOne” on July 24th on JD platform.

FreeOne series is designed for runners. It inherits the military quality, intelligent technology and innovative design of the Vigor series, added more fashionable and sporty elements, improved bothhardware and software for running. Freeone costs only 1699 RMB, but it keeps the military quality, GPS+BDS dual star positioning and navigation, 5ATM waterproof, 60 days super battery life and other important functions.

FreeOne is light weight with a large display screen that greatly improves the user experience. The icons for brightness, menu and three functioning buttons are shown on the dial, which is sleek and fashionable. FreeOne has three colors, green, black and red. The two-tone watch band is dynamic and fashionable.

Recently, users only need to submit trial applications for the opportunity to get a free offer on and

As a Chinese e-commerce giant, JD has been on the Fortune 500 list for three years and the first Chinese Internet company in 2016. On July 24th, the smart watch series FreeOne was Launched by JTOUR in partnership with JD. On Super Intelligent Brand Day, JD will provide additional server support due to heavy traffic so users can purchase FreeOne smart watches. JTOUR is offering a 200 RMB discount on the official store on JD.



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