Get Set Go: Top 10 Places To Hit Off With Your Bike This Season For Internal Satisfaction And Nature

You have had expensive, luxurious vacations all your life! You have taken flights and seen the vibrant city life! You might be fed up with it and maybe you are looking for a change!

You might be looking for a type of vacation whose pictures will rock social media!

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Naturally, you want an alternative option that is both fun and healthy. You might also want to feel refreshed! This is all understandable! We have a solution for you! We promise this is going to be the highlight of your life! Besides seeing natural beauty, you will feel as one with nature. You will

reach a peaceful state of mind. Without the worries of obtaining transportation or lugging suitcases, you will feel free to fully enjoy your experience.

Here is a list of the best 10 places specially for women travelers, to hit off with your bike and enjoy the nature:


1) Girona, Spain

If you want to see a place full of amazing architecture, Girona is the place for you! Here you can immerse yourself in the natural beauty and in the city’s ancient history! This small yet quaint city will give you a taste of various historical cultures. Known for its biking friendly environment, Girona welcomes thousands of bike-riding tourists each year. Riders love this place although riding there is sometimes a bit challenging. Another plus about Girona is its Mediterranean-influenced cuisine.

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2) Glencar Valley, Ireland

A big fan of history? Do you want to see some ancient ruins? Need the inspiration to make big steps in your life? Do NOT miss out Glencar Valley! The area’s amazing beauty offers peace and tranquility! You can see the entire valley in less than a day, its beautiful Glencar Waterfall might make your stay a little bit longer!

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3) Norway Mountains

The mountains in Norway are full of narrow paths which will be both tiring and enjoyable. The

landscape here reflects all possible sides of nature. Snow capped mountains offer beautiful sights and amazing seafoodoffers delicious bites.


4) Gavio Pass, Italy

Gavia Pass – Passo di Gavia- is famous for being one of the hardest and dangerous roads to ride in Italy. But due to Italy’s popularity in bike riding races, the area is well-known and visited hundreds of bikers every year. Located in the mountains of Lambordi Region, Italy, the Gavio Pass is a popular destination for those that like to ride.


5) Comrie Croft, Scotland

 The Comrie Croft has gotten lots of awards for being one of the best places for bike riding! Whether it is the wonderful camping grounds or rocky bike routes, this place has something for everyone. It is also ideal for bargain-seeking families with its abundance of hostels around the area.



6) The Rheinhessen, Germany

Germany is already known as one of the places where cycling is an important part of daily life. People bike to work, to school, or even to sporting events. But when it comes to having a unique natural cycling experience, the Rheinhessen tops them all. It offers a scenic route where you can taste amazing wine along the way. Considered both a romantic and a cultural tour,

you will come across delicious cuisine during your biking travel.


7) Geum River, South Korea

South Korea is a place infused with plenty of biking routes and lanes. Geum River is one of those places where you will see a different side of the country compared to the busy city life. If you ride along the Geum River, you can see the Gongsanseong Fortress that will give you a glimpse into the history of South Korea. The proximity to the water will offer breathtaking views.

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8) Athens, Greece 

Are you willing to experience culture and nature in just one day? Athens is entrenched in a thousand years of history. Filled with historic monuments and statues, a bike ride through the city is not only challenging but lets your imagination wander. Be sure to take a tool bagalong if you are planning a bike ride.


9) Minami, Kyoto, Japan

You will have the most authentic tour of your life if you ride in Minami, Japan. Minami is located in Kyoto and is already a hot spot for bikers with short and long tours every summer. You will be embedded into the lifestyle and culture of Kyoto, by tasting the traditional Japanese food and riding through its narrow streets. Since its residents are used to bikers, you will be welcomed there!


10) Montevideo, Uruguay

This is another place where the breathtaking scenery will make you forget all the stresses of your life! If you visit the place in spring, you will come across hundreds of bikers. A preferred

destination, its relaxing environment, and physically unchallenging route make it a popular destination among bikers. You could see the whole place in a few hours while viewing the stars at night.

With the luxury of creating your own itinerary, spend as much or little time as you want at each location. You don’t have to prepare a huge bag full of clothes. Your essentials for personal care and bike accessoriesfor your bike would be all to take. Make your decision and start the best experience of your life.

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