Give the Gift of Love this Holiday Season as a Surrogate Mother

Give the Gift of Life as a Surrogate Mother this holiday season (PRNewsfoto/Simple Surrogacy)

This holiday season the warmest gift you can give is becoming a surrogate mother. Surrogates are in high demand and there’s never been a better time to give the gift of life to a family while being generously compensated.

At Simple Surrogacy, we work tirelessly to match intended parents with surrogates and advocate on our surrogates’ behalf. We know that surrogacy is a one-of-a-kind experience, providing a meaningful experience and compensation.

We make sure that your pregnancy and surrogate experience is stress-free by caring for your needs and providing you with the resources, information, and guidance necessary to make this happen. We happily provide our mothers with the fruits of experience and lessons learned. Our co-owner and co-founder Stephanie Scott is a three-time previous surrogate with a deep understanding of what goes into successful surrogacy.

Why Become a Surrogate?

Part of the holidays is making lifelong memories with your family and celebrating love. Unfortunately, not all couples are able to create families through traditional pregnancies. You can make their dreams a possibility! There is no gift quite like family, and it is a special privilege to be able to provide this. By becoming a surrogate mother, you make use of your superpower– the ability to make this holiday, and many to come, a special time for a family in need. At the end of your incredible journey, the journey of childhood and parenthood for a family is just beginning for the intended family you match with.

This holiday season, you can give this precious gift of life to a loving family while we support your journey to delivery. We provide sufficient and competitive compensation to help you thrive financially. You can earn an average of $49,850 in benefits and compensation as a surrogate with us. That includes a base starting at $35,000 plus wages, childcare, travel, and benefits. Surrogacy provides the unique opportunity to spread grace and love while being compensated at the same time.

With our years of experience, we have developed relationships with many of the top IVF clinics in the country. We can offer you preferential rates when you work with these clinics. We are also a proud member of RESOLVE (the National Infertility Association) and the American Fertility Association. All our operations comply with the guidelines and directives published by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine and the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology.

What Makes Us Different?

We believe we provide the best service because we are female owned and run by previous surrogates and egg donors. We know what a wonderful thing being a surrogate can be, and our experience being on your side helps us to ensure your journey is well supported and managed.

  • Generous compensation
  • $1,000 bonus referrals when your friends or loved ones join us by becoming a surrogate.
  • Guaranteed payment through compensation held in bonded escrow with no 1099 issued.
  • We place you in the driver’s seat, allowing you to choose intended parents.
  • From matching through delivery, our experienced and caring team of surrogacy veterans and support coordinators provide 24/7 help and guidance by phone.

This level of surrogate care is hard to beat. Our Program Director is also a former surrogate mother and is personally available to you 24/7 for a one-on-one conversation.

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Giving the gift of life is a special, one-of-a-kind experience and journey with memories that will stick with you for a lifetime. This holiday season consider Simple Surrogacy to give thanks and share the gift of love with a family.


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